DIY Tree Skirts (and Alternatives) for Everyone!

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

DIY Tree Skirts (and Alternatives) for Everyone!

Many of the functional Christmas tree (or Hanukkah bush) stands I’ve tried over the years do a great job of supporting the tree. But it’s hard to find one that is both sturdy (and prevents pets or kids from knocking it over) and is fun to look at all season long. Enter DIY Tree Skirts (and Alternatives) for Everyone!

A tree skirt is a lovely little outfit for the base of the tree that hides the stand while allowing access to add water to a fresh tree. For an artificial tree, it just plain hides that ugly plastic stand, an important job in and of itself. The most traditional ones are made of cloth in traditional holiday colors, perfect for many homes – maybe yours. But a tree “skirt” does not have to be either fabric or traditional! So think boxes, tutus, metal, faux fur – endless possibilities! And there are plenty of fun ideas to go the traditional route, too. Think quilting. Think crochet. Or think driftwood. (Yes, driftwood.)

Looking for fabulous? It’s right here! Make one of these holiday projects or use them as a jumping off point and start your own new tradition!

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Let’s start with an easy, budget-friendly tree skirt that you can customize to your liking with color choices. Made with craft felt by Pretty Prudent, you can layer just a couple of colors or create an entire rainbow. Craft felt is readily available in a gazillion colors, and is a pretty inexpensive item in the fabric category. It frays absolutely not at all, so you don’t have to hem any edges – just cut with sharp scissors and wrap the base of your tree in fun!

Felt Fringe Christmas Tree Skirt

Start with a round tablecloth. Really, just that. Find the perfect match for your home at your favorite shop, or try your luck finding a treasure at a vintage store. Maybe you already have one that you don’t use because it has a stain in the center. Perfect! You’re going to cut that part out anyway! There is simple sewing involved, but School of Decorating shows you how if you are new to the craft. And you can brag to your friends, “Oh yes, I did the ruching myself.” Then you can explain ruching to them and feel like a smarty-pants. Maintain the simple scalloped elegance or accent the gathering points with buttons or bows.

Ruched Christmas Tree Skirt

Delia Creates a modern-looking tree skirt with fabric and paint. Plan ahead for this one – you’ll need a space to spread out while you’re painting and until the paint is dry. Freezer paper templates keep the paint exactly where you want it. Delia uses Scotch tape to make large sheets of freezer paper, but masking tape would work well if that’s what you have on hand. The sewing portion of this project is easy seaming, and stitching the gentle curve will enhance your sewing skills. The subtle color scheme will add a touch of elegance to any home.

Painted Christmas Tree Skirt

Just cut it and fluff it. That is all! Remodelaholic uses faux fur to fashion a tree skirt that her kids just love! Faux fur fabric starts out wide, so you don’t have to sew a single seam to get a soft skirt that is easy to scrunch. You don’t even have to be that precise with your scissor skills – you’re going to scrunch it all up anyway! Older kids can do the heavy lifting for this project. The young ones can arrange the scrunches. (Just try to stop them!) In white, it looks like a bit of fresh snowfall in your living room.

Faux Fur Tree Skirt

For super-modern, clean lines, In My Own Style has designed a tree “skirt” made from metal sheet flashing covered with fabric. Doesn’t everyone gather craft supplies at the home improvement store? There are treasures, there, people! Do you have upholstery fabric left over from a home dec project? Put it to good use here for a pulled-together look. Or go with something fun and funky. You choose – and if you don’t like it or like to change things up, cover it with something else next year! Be sure to wear gloves while working with the metal flashing – the edges can be quite sharp. Use binder clips to form the circle. When you remove them after the holiday, the metal stores flat on a shelf.

Metal Christmas Tree Skirt

If the sugarplum fairies are your favorite part of the holiday season, She’s Kinda Crafty has the perfect tree skirt project for you! You’ll need lots and lots of bolted tulle (12-25 yards) to achieve the full, ruffled look of a tutu, but if you have kids who enjoy dress-up play, this treasure can see year-round use. Hey, Halloween is half done, and Christmas is covered. Boom. This tree skirt is easy to maintain. If it gets mushed out of place, simply give it a fluff!

Tutu Christmas Tree Skirt

I wish I lived at the beach, so I love this look! If you celebrate Christmas at the coast (or wish you did), Remodelaholic has another great holiday project! Allow plenty of time and LOTS of hot glue to complete this “skirt”. You’ll need a space where you can spread out, too. Make sure your driftwood pieces are clean and dry before you begin – the glue will hold them better. If any pieces come loose, just give ’em some more glue. You will want to use sturdy, high-quality materials to support the driftwood pieces and keep them securely in place. Milk and cookies for Santa? How about a Piña Colada?

Driftwood tree skirt

Offering creative options, Moms Confession has several projects on this page, but my favorite is the Snowman Tree Skirt. 12 gauge aluminum wire (back to the home improvement store – love that place!) provides the structure for your snowman. Quilt batting gives him (or her, of course) a seasonal soft complexion. 12 gauge wire is on the sturdy side, so make sure you have good wire cutters or an assistant with strong hands (or both!). It would be fun (and pretty easy) to change up the snowperson’s face every year.

Snowman tree skirt

Protect your floors from water drips with this just-darn-cute project from I Save A to Z, perfect for a fresh or living tree, but just as much fun for a reusable (ahem, artificial) tree. It’s easy to cover a galvanized tub with burlap (or other red fabric) to mimic Santa’s suit. The belt, buckle and fluff are easy add-ons to complete the look. Your tree will look festive before the presents arrive and after the wrapping papers are gone.

Santa Christmas Tree Skirt made out of a washtub

Oh, my, you can easily (and inexpensively) change the look every year! Inspired to find a tree base cover that her cats couldn’t run off with, Dream a Little Bigger came up with this creative solution. She starts with a plain moving box. Measure the clearance below your tree to make sure you get the right size. But if it’s too tall, you can cut it to fit – it’s just cardboard! There is a clever (but super simple) trick to keeping the top enclosed (and the cats out). If you like a coordinated look, you can change out the gift wrap cover each year to match the gifts under the tree. (Or let it last for several years if you get your gift wrap from the warehouse store – I’ve been using the same roll for years!)

Gift Box Tree Skirt

To make a tree skirt worthy of the most discerning decorator, Newton Custom Interiors provides detailed instructions. Not a beginner project, to be sure, but worth the effort if you have the sewing skills. Everything you need to know is here with step-out photos. There’s even a video to show you how to make knife pleats! This is an elegant, tailored tree skirt – one that you will use for many years to come.

Custom Decorator Tree Skirt with box pleats

Everything old is new again! Cherry Heart updates the crocheted granny square into a fun circular tree skirt. Make this with a planned layout, or take advantage of the opportunity to work through yarns in your stash (ahem – “collection”) that are not enough for other projects but too pretty to throw away. Increase as needed (it’s not rocket science) to form the circle and add a cute fringe edging.

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

What a fun way to preserve holiday memories! This is easier than it looks! The most advanced tool that In My Own Style uses to create this one-of-a-kind tree stand cover is a staple gun. Customize the look with your choice of paint. Metallic for a glamorous look, chalk paint if you like something more rustic, or bright enamels for a playful base for your tree. Include mirrors to reflect the flickering lights or a chalkboard to leave messages for each other (or to and from Santa – he might want to thank you for the cookies, after all – he has impeccable manners). Change out the pictures and messages as your family grows up for a timeless tree “skirt”.

Picture Frame Tree Stand Cover

The ultimate repurposing project, this tree stand from The Turquoise Home uses pieces of an old dismantled wood pallet for the raw materials. Just add some nails and a stenciled label, and you’re done! You’ll need basic woodworking skills, but a beginner can do this – after all, it’s supposed to look like it traveled from the North Pole! Be sure to use eye and ear protection when using power tools – a circular saw makes clean, easy cuts through the pallet wood. Bonus – you can use the crate to store decorations between holidays.

Build a crate for your Christmas Tree

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