Handmade Bird Ornaments

Scrappy Thread Sketch Bird Ornament I

Handmade Bird Ornaments

There is something about little handmade bird ornaments that suggest spring, but also are great for a Christmas ornament. I have a year-round tree, and now have a variety of handmade bird ornaments that adorn its branches.

Polka Dot Pom Pom Bird Ornament

Polka Dot Pom Pom Bird Ornament

This bird ornament starts with two circles of fabric, one smaller than the other. Sew the smaller circle in the middle of the bigger circle. I added a small pom pom trim in the seam. I just topstitched with raw edge – I’m enjoying the texture of raw edges right now in my projects.

Then I added a little yellow felt triangle folded in half for the beak, and several pieces of polka dot ribbon for the tail. Sewed both ends of the half circle, leaving the middle (tummy) area open and stuffed lightly with poly fil, and then finished sewing the edge with some hand stitching. I added ribbon to hang from the tree, with a bead, and added some black beads for eyes.

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It will be fun to try different fabric combinations for different birds made from circles of fabric, and different trims. Pieces of yarn or bias fabric would make great tails for the birds, too.

Handmade Christmas Bird Ornament

Thread sketch bird ornaments

I cut a basic shape for the bird out of light grey felt. Then sorted through some of my scraps of fabric that already have fusible web on the wrong side and started cutting shapes for the bird body, belly and wing, and little triangle of yellow for the beak. I’m one of those people who loves to work with fusible. I fuse 1/4 yard pieces of fabric at a time, when I want a little for a project, to build my stash of pre-fused pieces. There is a big tub of these fabrics in my studio, ready to me to play, when inspiration hits!

I fused the different bird pieces to the felt and then added a sequin with bead for the eye. I sewed on some beaded string I picked up at a local Japanese store to hang this little bird. (If you don’t have a local Japanese store in your area, you need one. OMG awesome inspirations and craft supplies!)

Embroidered Bird Ornament

Embroidered Bird Ornaments

Start by cutting out two half circles from a piece of felt (or other fabric). I added ‘wings’ that I free hand cut. I embroidered the wings with a daisy flower, some knots and then leaf stitch, before attaching to the main bird body piece.

I used a blanket stitch to attach the wings on the bird.  Added a sequin eye and some scraps of fabric for the feathered tail.  This is a fun and easy project to sew.

The bird ornament was sewn all by hand with embroidery thread, but you could sew it by machine and use more of a thread sketching method. Try different fabrics, make the wings a print or add beads. Make bigs ones, and small ones — your creativity in making bird ornaments are limitless!

Thread Sketch Bird Ornaments

Scrappy Thread Sketch Bird Ornament I

More birds for my tree for non holiday times of the year. This was the first thread sketch ornament I made. I’d seen thread sketching on fabric and never tried it before. I love it! A new technique that will pop up in other projects – just wait! Here are a few scrappy thread sketch bird ornaments I made – they are so fun and easy! A quick project for an afternoon, and use up some scraps along the way!

I cut a bird shape from felt, then added other shapes with scraps of fabric. I pinned them down – the trick was to line up both sides of the scraps on the bird so I could sew it all together at once. Several pins aligned the shapes.

I sewed with black thread so it would be easy to see the sketching. It was really fun to do!

I had sew much fun making the first scrappy thread sketch bird, I just ‘had’ to make another one! Different fabrics. I matched up the shapes on both sides so that the stitching lines up better.

This is such a great project for scraps of both fabric, ribbons and bits of beads and threads!  My tree is beginning to fill up with birds for spring time! These make great Christmas ornaments, too.

Scrappy Thread Sketch Bird Ornament II

For this bird ornament, I used a different bird shape, more like a dove, and then looped a torn piece of polka dot fabric and hand sewed for the tail feathers. Making these birds has become a bit addicting! Perfect little projects while watching TV.

Scrappy Thread Stitched Dove Ornament

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