· About Us ·

At Create Whimsy, we’re builders, makers, crafters and creators – just like you. We share the stories of makers, and what they make, inspiring creativity in our everyday lives.

Finding inspiration is important, and so is finding help from a community. That’s what we’re striving for.

Your creations are more than a series of pictures, it’s the way you build it, the insights you learned in the process, it’s the inspiration you had. It’s your story.

We hope that reading the stories about other makers and seeing the projects that other creatives make, inspires you in your everyday life, giving you the confidence to put your work out there!

· Who We Are ·

Lynn Woll

Lynn Woll

Founder & CEO

As a young girl, my mother made all of our clothes – we lived overseas and the only way to get new clothes was to sew them! She encouraged creativity and trying new things. I love to play – with fabric, beads, wire, paints and more. Try new techniques and mediums always inspires me, and am always up for a good home dec project, or quick and easy craft project.

I get inspiration across mediums — I put beads (lots of beads) on my quilts, I paint on my clothes and look at an old piece of furniture and think I can recover and repurpose it. I love hearing the stories on why people do what they do, and wanted to bring creators and makers together to make it easy to share our stories.

Create Whimsy is my side gig, and what my husband says, is my most expensive hobby! In my day job, I am CEO for a recipe website, with over 17 years experience in digital marketing and web development. It was just natural to start a website all about makers and creating!

Chardel Blaine

Chardel Blaine


“If you make it, you make it yours..” Everyone in my family made things. My dad made playrooms and toys, my mom made curtains and Halloween costumes, my brothers made forts and mischief. I made clothes and collages.

Today I create with fiber, metal, stone and glass and enjoy the uniqueness of each piece. Inspiration can come from surprising sources, even from pet goats, and, of course, a Daily Dance!

Keep your hands busy, your mind open, and put your heart into everything.