How to Make an EPP Moravian Star Ornament with Diamonds

EPP Moravian Star Tree-6

How to Make an EPP Moravian Star Ornament with Diamonds

EPP Moravian Star Ornaments made with Diamonds are an adaptation of an 1830’s geometry lesson. The first known star, made in a German boys’ school had 110 points! This version is much simpler with 12 points, but still spectacular! Not a beginner project, you might want to try How to Make an EPP Star Ornament with Diamonds first. Best to tackle a flat star before going all 3-D.

For added effect, I fussy cut my diamonds to get a kaleidoscopic effect for each side of the star, but that’s totally optional. These stars can be stunning with overall prints, stripes or solids. You can make one with larger diamonds and leave one side open for a beautiful tree topper.

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Are you ready? Follow these steps to make an EPP Moravian Star ornament with diamonds and create an heirloom piece to adorn your tree for years to come!

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EPP Moravian Star Tree-6

How to Make an EPP Moravian Star Ornament with Diamonds

Follow these steps to make an EPP Moravian Star ornament with diamonds and create an heirloom piece to adorn your tree for years to come! Choose a fun print, colorful solids or a symmetrical fabric for fussy cutting.


  • Fabric - 1/2 yard or assorted scraps. If fussy cutting, you may need more. The amount will depend on the number of repeats. Plan for 12 stars with 5 repeating diamonds in each.
  • 7 inches ribbon or rickrack for ornament hanger
  • Thread to match or blend with fabrics
  • Thread Magic or similar thread conditioner
  • Fiberfill or batting scraps for stuffing
  • 60 paper piecing templates - 60-degree diamonds with 1-inch sides
  • Fabric glue stick, such as Sewline


  • Rotary cutter (28mm recommended) and mat
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Acrylic template for 1-inch finished 60-degree diamonds with added seam allowance
  • Non-stick ruler grips (if your acrylic template is not treated with a non-stick surface)
  • Hand sewing needle - size 10 milliner's is a good choice if you don't already have a favorite
  • Needle threader, if you need one
  • Thimble, if you use one
  • Wonder clips or similar
  • Chopstick or similar tool for poking stuffing into corners
  • Good lighting for hand stitching!
  • Seam ripper, maybe. If you have it, you won't need it, right?


  1. If fussy cutting, see How to Fussy Cut EPP Diamonds for tips.
  2. Gather your tools and supplies. If you are not fussy cutting, you will not need the Magic Mirror or dry-erase markers pictured here. (Not pictured, glue pen, filling, chopstick, iron)EPP Moravian Star-1-Gather Supplies
  3. Place acrylic template on your fabric and cut with rotary cutter on cutting mat. You will cut a total of 60 diamonds, 5 for each of 12 star sides.EPP Moravian Star-8-Position acrylic template
  4. Arrange 5 cut diamonds the way you want them to appear in your finished star.EPP Moravian Star-14-Cut 5
  5. Center a paper diamond on the back of a fabric diamond.Center paper piece on wrong side of fabric
  6. Add a line of glue along one edge of the paper piece.Glue one edge of paper piece
  7. Fold the fabric over the glue along the edge of the paper piece.Fold over glued edge of EPP diamond
  8. Continue gluing and folding, one side at a time, until all 4 edges are turned. This shows the back and front of basted diamonds that are ready to stitch. Repeat until you have 60 basted diamonds.Front and back glue basted EPP diamonds
  9. Thread your needle with no more than 18 inches of thread and condition with Thread Magic. Knot one end of your thread. English Paper Piecing is hard on thread. It can weaken and fray as each stitch drags the thread along the edge of the paper. Thread conditioner prevents most of the tangling and breakage.
  10. Place two diamonds right sides together. Burying your knot inside a fold, whipstitch one side together with very small stitches, about 1/16-inch. Each stitch should take a very small bite into the folds, catching about 3 threads from each piece. Knot and bury the thread end when you reach the end of the side.Begin whipstitching edges keeping excess fabric clear
  11. For additional tips on EPP diamonds, see How to Make an EPP Star Ornament with Diamonds. Finger press the seam open.EPP Moravian Star-15-Stitch first two
  12. Continue adding diamonds in the same manner until you have 5 diamonds connected. When pressed flat, there will be a gap in your star, but we're about to take care of that. (This is also where you can see if your fussy cutting was off-target for any pieces. Now is the time to unsew and fix it if it bothers you. I kept going.)EPP Moravian Star-16-Stitch 5 together
  13. Repeat for all 12 sides of your EPP Moravian Star.EPP Moravian Star-19-Make 12
  14. Right sides together, whipstitch the first and last diamonds together. Begin at the outside edge and stitch towards the center.EPP Moravian Star-20-Whip stitch final seam
  15. Your concave star will have a cup shape.EPP Moravian Star-17-join into cup shape
  16. Complete 12 concave 5-pointed stars.EPP Moravian Star-21-Make 12 cups
  17. Joining the star points is next, but it will be easier if you get rid of some of the bulk in the seam. Chalk marks the cutting line. Note that a scant 1/4-inch of the fold will remain after cutting. It is very important that you not cut too close to the point. The points may fray if the raw edge is too close. EPP Moravian Star-23-Showing trim line
  18. This shows the amount of fabric trimmed away from the point and the amount of fabric that remains. Fold extending fabric back at the point, matching folded edges. Press. Secure with a tiny dot of fabric glue, if desired, keeping glue away from the folds. You don't want to stitch through it.EPP Moravian Star-22-Trim excess bulk from points
  19. Now we begin to join the 5-pointed stars into a dimensional star. Clip 2 stars together along one side, matching points.EPP Moravian Star-25-Clip 2 cups WST
  20. Whipstitch along the "v". Because these stitches are on the right side of the fabric, they will show on the finished Moravian Star, so select your thread and stitch with that in mind.EPP Moravian Star-26-Whip Stitch the valley
  21. Your first 2 stars are joined! You can see that I need to go back and tidy up a few of my points.EPP Moravian Star-27-2 Star cups joined
  22. To add the next side, place a third star as shown, Whipstitch along the 2 "v" shapes, forming a pyramid shape in the center. Each dimensional point of your Moravian Star will be a 3-sided pyramid like this one.EPP Moravian Star-28-Add third star cup with 3 points joining at center
  23. Clip to hold the edges in place for stitching.EPP Moravian Star-29-Keep adding
  24. Whipstitch the third star to the first 2.EPP Moravian Star-30-Keep joining 3 star points
  25. Continue adding concave stars, forming 3-sided pyramids with each join. At 1 of the pyramid points, insert each end of your ribbon or rickrack to form a hanging loop. Be sure to catch the loop with stitches to secure.EPP Moravian Star-31-Keep adding 3 points together
  26. When 11 of the 12 stars are joined, fill the Moravian Star with fiberfill or small batting scraps. The paper pieces that remain, give the ornament its shape, and the stuffing adds a bit of stability.EPP Moravian Star-32-Fill and stuff corners
  27. Use a chopstick or something similar (I used the tapered end of a hera marker) to coax stuffing into the star points.EPP Moravian Star-33-Use tool to reach corners
  28. Whipstitch the final star in place.EPP Moravian Star-34-Whip Stitch final star in place
  29. Here is the finished EPP Moravian Star ornament, showing the rick rack hanging loop stitched into one of the points.EPP Moravian Star Finished-12
  30. And here are the many sides of the EPP Moravian Star ornament:EPP Moravian Star Finished-11EPP Moravian Star Finished-10EPP Moravian Star Finished-9EPP Moravian Star Finished-8EPP Moravian Star Finished-7EPP Moravian Star Finished-6EPP Moravian Star Finished-5EPP Moravian Star Finished-4EPP Moravian Star Finished-3EPP Moravian Star Finished-2EPP Moravian Star Finished Angle-5EPP Moravian Star Finished Angle-4EPP Moravian Star Finished Angle-3EPP Moravian Star Finished Angle-2EPP Moravian Star Tree-6EPP Moravian Star Tree-5EPP Moravian Star Tree-4EPP Moravian Star Tree-3EPP Moravian Star Tree-2EPP Moravian Star Tree-1

Love this but not quite ready to make an EPP Moravian Star Ornament with Diamonds? Start with an EPP Wreath ornament for a quick and easy beginner project. Browse through more English Paper Piecing projects and inspiration on Create Whimsy.

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