Where Makers Make: Quilt & Sewing Studios

Minki Kim Studio

Where Makers Make: Quilt & Sewing Studios

Where do you create your magic? Do you have your own space? A dedicated table, desk or corner of a room? A separate studio space? I don’t know about you, but I’m always intrigued by seeing the spaces used by makers to create their work. So to inspire you, here’s a glimpse into some of the quilt and sewing studios we’ve highlighted in our interviews.

Inspiration abounds in Kayla's studio

Kayla Kennington creates amazing garments and more from her studio filled with inspiration and materials.

Irene's 10 ft. table

Irene Schlesinger enjoys creating from her large dining room table.

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Donna Dowdney Sewing Studio

Donna Lee Downey has two big windows so she gets lots of natural light in her studio. The shelves lining a wall keep everything organized.

Kathy's Studio

Kathy McNeil has a large work table in the middle of her studio with a large design wall (as well as all of her ribbons for her award-winning quilts).

Laura Wasilowski, fusingtable2018

Laura Wasilowski has a fusing station / table in her studio with a protected surface so she is always ready to fuse fabrics.

Pam's library in her art studio

Pam Holland has a separate cottage for her studio. Here is the library section of her studio – perfect for planning a project!

Ngaio Blackwood in her studio

Ngaio Blackwood has a nice large table and natural light in her studio so she can see the details of her embroidery work.

Carol Retsch-Bogart Studio

Carol Retsch-Bogart has a nice big table for working and all of her paints organized neatly on shelves so they are easy to find and use.

Andrea's studio

Andrea Love organizes her felt rovings in open bins in her studio so she can readily find what she needs.

Minki Kim Studio

Minki Kim has her threads organized on shelving, along with pretty bins to organize trims and other accessories.

Barbara's Office & Studio

Barbara Brackman shares her studio and office space with large work table and shelves for books and resources.

Brian Haggard Studio with Supplies

Brian Haggard keeps his supplies handy in vintage bowls, trays, jars and even shoes!

Margot's Studio

Margot Lovinger stays organized with her shelving. Her samples of the netting and tulle she uses are easily available for her to check colors while working.

Another view of Paula's Studio

Paula Kovarik has a nice large room, as well as plenty of design wall space and a large table to keep her creative energy full.

Sarah with her dog and machines
Sarah Ann Smith with Widgeon, Janome and Bernina. Photo taken by Sarah with a timer in her studio

Sarah Ann Smith gets a little help in her studio from Widgeon, her pug:). She has work-in-progress on her table, with her organized shelves behind her.

View of the ocean from Phyllis' studio
Inspiring view from Phyllis’ studio

When Phyllis Cullen is working in her studio, she looks out the window to see the waves (and maybe some whales?) in the Pacific Ocean.

Libby Williamson studio
Libby Williamson’s studio

Libby Williamson works surrounded by her art in her studio.

Katie Pasquini Masopust Studio
Katie Pasquini Masopust Studio

Katie Pasquini Masopust has a studio with a large center table, as well as bold black and white floors that are easy to sweep up.

Frieda Anderson Studio

Frieda Anderson has her beautiful hand dyed fabrics neatly folded on shelving in her studio so it’s easy to find just-the-right piece for a project.

Jane Sassaman Studio

Jane Sassaman has natural lighting, shelving for bolts of her fabrics and several large tables for layout and design.

Victoria's Studio

Victoria Findlay Wolfe has tall windows to bring in lots of natural light. A very large design wall displays her large quilts.

Hollis Chatelain Studio

Hollis Chatelain has a design wall she can see while she sews, making it easy to contemplate design decisions while working. A rolling cart keeps her threads close.

Heidi's studio

Heidi Proffetty has her long arm set up right in front of a window. It gives her lots of natural light while quilting. She composes her quilts on the large work table in the middle of her studio.

There is something about organizing all of your fabrics, threads and accessories. Then each time you pull them out, you think of a new idea or get inspired for a new project. What’s happening in your quilt and sewing studios?

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