Peyote Stitch Cellini Spiral Basics

Cellini Spiral Detail

Peyote Stitch Cellini Spiral Basics

Peyote-Stitched Cellini Spiral looks really complicated, but it’s just a glorified peyote rope. The stitch is even count tubular peyote with a step up. It’s the change in bead sizes that make the rope appear to spiral.

The effect can be subtle or exaggerated – it’s all in the bead choices, and that’s nothing but fun! Start by stringing a small-to-large-to-small arrangement of beads that will become your first two rows of peyote. (For a Peyote Stitch refresher, see Even-Count Flat Peyote Stitch for Beginners.) Because these first beads strung will make up two rows, you will string two of each bead in your pattern.

For example, string two each of size 15, 11, 8, 6, 8, 11, 15. The larger size 6 beads in the center will then become the peak of your spiral. So the tiny 15’s will be the valley. Pass through all the beads again to form a loop, then begin your tube.

Pick up one bead just like the bead your thread just exited, skip a bead, then pass through the next bead. The bead you just added will sit on top of the bead you skipped. Then keep going in this fashion around the loop, matching the bead you exited to make your next stitch.

When you’ve made the circle, step up to begin the next row and continue on in the same way, picking up a bead that matches the bead your thread has just passed through. The first couple of rows will feel awkward, but your spiral will soon take shape!

If making a bracelet, decide if you will attach a clasp or make a bangle. But if adding a clasp, stop about an inch shy of your finished length, taper the ends and add your clasp.

If you’re big on bangles, then you will need the full length. When you have stitched enough rope, match up the ends and weave them together.

Gold Cellini Spiral Bracelet

A tip on sizing Cellini spiral bracelets: Consider the added thickness of the rope with the hills and valleys distinctive to this style of Peyote stitch. The thicker the bracelet, the more length you will need. So if you usually wear a 7-inch bracelet, your Cellini spiral will need to be longer to fit your wrist. So try it on or test it on a bracelet sizing mandrel before finishing the ends. Ask me how I know!

Then if you’re feeling bold, you can make a dramatic pendant with an extreme range of bead sizes and just a couple of twists around the pattern.

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