How to Make a Leafy Tablescape with Kraft-tex

Finished Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape arrange units as wreath or runner

How to Make a Leafy Tablescape with Kraft-tex

I love a pretty table, but I hate to store lots of bulky seasonal stuff. I would rather use my storage space for fabric and beads! A friend suggested leaf cutouts, and Kraft-Tex offers lots of color options. Kraft-tex is a versatile heavy paper product that sews like fabric and is sturdy like leather. Spills are no problem – just blot them up or give the project a good wash and press.

Did I want a table runner? A wreath shape to highlight a centerpiece? Separate pieces to scatter on smaller tables? A modular approach would allow those options and the units would stack easily for storage. Here’s how I made my Leafy Tablescape with Kraft-tex!

Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape arrange leaves

How to Make a Leafy Tablescape with Kraft-tex

Make a versatile, durable and washable table decoration with Kraft-tex, a strong, stitchable paper product that looks and behaves like leather. create this easy Leafy Tablescape with Kraft-tex and gather for a festive feast! Here's how:

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  • 1 roll tangerine Kraft-tex
  • Leaf shapes to trace or print
  • Freezer paper
  • Decorative thread
  • Matching thread


  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Sturdy paper scissors


  1. Draw, trace or print leaf shapes on the dull side of freezer paper. I collected copyright-free images and resized them on my computer. Then I printed each leaf on an 8 1//2 X 11 inch sheet of freezer paper using my inkjet printer.
  2. Cut out each freezer paper leaf and arrange on the Kraft-tex. No need to be fussy about the cutting at this point. You will tidy the edges after you iron the shapes in place. Kraft-tex doesn't have a grainline and doesn't fray, so you can place the shapes in any orientation.Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape arrange freezer paper
  3. Use a hot iron to press the leaves in place. If you decide to shift anything, you can just peel off the freezer paper and reapply it. It holds up for several uses and leaves no residue behind.Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape press
  4. Cut out each leaf shape with sturdy paper scissors. (Kraft-tex will dull your good fabric scissors.) You can be as fussy or as casual as you like about following the lines. I took liberties with some.Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape cut each leaf
  5. Peel the freezer paper from each Kraft-tex leaf.
  6. Select threads to outline leaf shapes and stitch veins or other details. I used an assortment of variegated 40-wt quilting threads from YLI. You will have lots of little odd-shaped Kraft-tex scraps leftover from cutting - use them to audition stitches and test tension before stitching directly on your leaves.Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape select decorative threads
  7. If you like my color choices, here are the color names and numbers:Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape decorative thread numbers
  8. Stitch a center vein on a few of the leaves. You can add more detail if you like - I kept mine simple. Then define the edges with stitching - I used a simple zigzag here. You can stop here, if you like, and use the leaves individually.Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape stitch veins and edges
  9. Find an arrangement that pleases you to stitch the leaves together. I chose to make sets of 3 so I could rearrange the units. I can line them up and have a runner, scatter on several small tables or circle them around a centerpiece.Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape arrange leaves
  10. Select a thread that matches your Kraft-tex. I used a Mettler 50-wt thread in color number 822.Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape select matching thread
  11. Test straight stitches on a Kraft-tex scrap in case you need to readjust after using decorative threads. Then attach the leaves to each other with a straight stitch where they overlap, just inside the zigzag stitches.Leafy Tablescape with Kraft-Tex attach leaves
  12. And here is my finished Leafy Tablescape with Kraft-tex arranged in a wreath shape ready to greet a centerpiece. I like having modular units that I can rearrange and stack compactly for storage.Finished Kraft-tex Leafy Tablescape arrange units as wreath or runner

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