How to Finish Embroidery Hoop Art

Finish embroidery hoop art tracing the felt

How to Finish Embroidery Hoop Art

You finished your embroidery! So now what? Time to finish the back of your embroidery hoop art. Frame your lovely work in a hoop to either hang or give as a gift, covering the back and giving a professional finish to your embroidery.

Try this method where you stitch felt to the back to cover your stitches.

Trimming the fabric for finish embroidery hoop art

Start by trimming your fabric to about 1″ from the hoop.

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basting the fabric for finish embroidery hoop art

Then with regular sewing thread, sew a basting stitch around the edge of the fabric and pull taut to gather the fabric.

marking the felt for finish embroidery hoop art

Trace the hoop on a piece of felt. Then cut it out about 1/4″ smaller, so that it will fit inside the back hoop.

the finished embroidery hoop art

Finally, stitch along the edge, catching both the felt and the fabric.

So now your embroidery project has a nice finished back!

This is my preferred method to finish embroidery hoop art. You can spray paint your hoop a complementary or contrasting color to add more spark to your finished piece. Also, you can wrap the hoop with strips of fabric to add more visual interest to your finished piece. What matters is to enjoy your embroidery – don’t stick the finished piece in a drawer – put it on display and enjoy!

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