How to Make a May Day Basket Paper Cone

Pretty flowers for May Day in a paper cone!

How to Make a May Day Basket Paper Cone

May Day is a perfect day to surprise someone with some beautiful cut flowers from your garden. One traditional method of leaving them at a door was to make a paper cone basket for May Day flowers.

Start with a square piece of paper. I bought a pretty 12×12 one at the local craft store that was for scrapbooking. Cut off the edge of the paper with the information about it.

Use a piece of 12 x 12 paper to make the cone

To make it prettier, scallop cut two edges of the square. You can either use scallop edge scissors, or freehand cut the edge. I just did it by hand.

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I scalloped the edges to make it a bit more fancy.

Roll the straight edges together to form a cone, and tape the edges closed.

Roll into a cone shape and glue or tape

Using a hole punch, punch holes around the top edge of the cone.

Punch holes around the top of the cone to thread the ribbon

Cut a piece of ribbon that will be long enough to weave through the holes in the cone, then tie a nice bow to be able to hang the flowers from a door handle.

Cut the ribbon

Starting at the top of the cone, weave the ribbon in and out of the holes. You’ll want the long pieces at the top of the cone to tie a bow.

Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie in a pretty bow leaving a length that will hang over the door knob

Cut some flowers, fill your May Day paper cone basket, then surprise someone with flowers!

Pretty flowers for May Day in a paper cone!

Check out some other great May Day Basket ideas! Or, make a May Day basket from a tin can – great if you want to make sure the flowers have water.

May Day Paper Cone

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