How To Make A Hoop Art Project Organizer with Kraft-TEX

Finished Hoop Art Project Organizer

How To Make A Hoop Art Project Organizer with Kraft-TEX

Hoop Art is popular, for a reason — it’s a great hand project that is portable to keep your hands busy, be creative, and have a fun handmade piece of art to enjoy on your walls! I enjoy taking my projects when I travel, or enjoying watching shows with family, but like to keep all of the threads I’m using and the hoop all together. I designed this Hoop Art Project Organizer to be able to hold an 8″ hoop, pearl cotton threads and my other supplies needed for a project.

Kraft-tex is the perfect product to make a hoop art project organizer. It is firm enough to stand up, but flexible enough to stuff into a tote bag for on-the-go. Learn more about working with Kraft-Tex.

I wanted an organizer for an 8″ hoop. You can make them for any size hoop.

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Finished hoop art project organizer with pearl cotton and pin cushion

How to Make A Hoop Art Organizer

Keep all of your threads and supplies, including your hoop, when embroidering hoop art. This hoop art project organizer is specifically designed to hold all of your threads, even pearl cotton balls AND your hoop with your fabric, and a small pin cushion for your needles.


  • 1 package of Kraft-Tex
  • 1 zipper that is about the length of the circumference of your circle. For an organizer to fit an 8" hoop, I used a 28" heavy duty zipper, because that is what I had in my stash!


  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors


    1. Cut two (2) circles 2" larger than the your hoop from your Kraft-Tex. For the 8" hoop, I cut two (2) 10" circles. For a 6" hoop, cut two (2) 8" circles.Supplies needed to make a Hoop Art Project Organizer
    2. Measure the circumference of your circle with a measuring tape (that's the outside edge).
    3. Cut a piece of Kraft-Tex 3-1/2" wide and the length of the Kraft-Tex, which is 28-1/2" long.
    4. Sew your zipper to the Kraft-Tex strip that is 3-1/2" wide.Sewing the zipper to the Kraft-tex strip
    5. Sew the other half of the zipper to the outside edge of one of the circles, with the right sides together. This will bring the seam allowance to the inside of the top of the organizer.Sewing the zipper to the top circle for the organizerSewing the zipper around the top of the hoop art project organizer
    6. The 3-1/2" wide strip wasn't long enough, so I cut a piece that was about 5" tall and 3" wide to fill the 1" gap and topstitched to close the gap.Measuring the gap to fillSewing the hinge and making sure it is the right sizeFinished sewing the hinge This forms a hinge for the top of the organizer.Showing the gap that needs to be filled and form a hinge for the top
    7. Unzip the top from the sides before sewing the bottom. If you don't, you will have a difficult time opening the organizer to turn it right side out. Ask me how I know!
    8. Sew the 2nd circle to the other edge of the 3-1/2" strip. Inside of hoop art project organizer
    9. Turn right side out and top-stitch the zipper tape to the top of the organizer.Topstitching the zipper to the top
    10. Fill it with your supplies and get stitching!Finished hoop art project organizer that fits the 8" hoop

Here are some more images of the finished hoop art project organizer:

Finished hoop art project organizer that fits the 8" hoop

View of the closed organizer, with everything inside — threads, needles, pin cushion, embroidery zippers AND your hoop!

Finished hoop art project organizer with lid closed

View inside the organizer, and how your hoop embroidery art will fit in with your pearl cotton balls of thread.

Hoop Art Project Organizer

Showing the top open and how everything fits in to keep your supplies all organized.

Finished Hoop Art Project Organizer

Another view of all of your supplies organized for your hoop art project.

Finished Hoop Art Project Organizer showing pearl cotton

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