Embellished Right Angle Weave Jewelry

Gemstone Embellished Right Angle Weave Bracelets

Embellished Right Angle Weave Jewelry

Starting with two size 11 seed beads per side, it’s easy to stitch a base of right angle weave in comfortable proportions for Gemstone Embellished Right Angle Weave Jewelry.

The width of the piece varies with the number of rows – from delicate to chunky – an odd number of rows works best if you want a strong center line. Each “cell” of the base is embellished with a size 15 bead, a larger bead (stone, pearl, Czech fire polish, or Swarovski crystal), and another size 15 bead. But sometimes, the main beads stand alone without the size 15 beads at each side.

Even when encrusted with chunky beads, the right angle weave base drapes softly, like a silky fabric. It’s jewelry that feels really good to wear, and you’ll be tempted to play with bracelets while they’re on your wrist. I usually select the focal beads first, then I pick coordinating seed beads. Mixing shapes, sizes and colors offers additional design possibilities.

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Sometimes, an attention-grabbing bead attracts too much focus when it covers the entire bracelet. So experiment with mixing things up to calm the design, or let the bling beckon if that’s how you roll!

The same technique produced the variety of bracelets in the picture below. The fire agate and carnelian bracelet (lower left) invites a second look with two stone sizes. Faceted minty green Czech fire polish beads are uniform but add interest with reflected light. The black and white bracelet scatters pops of contrast while using the same size glass bead. Smooth round lapis lazuli presents a sporty look. In the wide bracelet, fire agate provides a strong background and prevents the organic coral from overpowering the piece. Shapes and sizes vary in the labradorite and quartz bracelet. Lastly, smaller tiger eye and carnelian beads allow the center row of larger tiger eye stones to draw the eye.

Gemstone Embellished Right Angle Weave Bracelets

Moon stone with vintage Czech glass double button clasp:

Moon stone with vintage Czech glass double button clasp

Freshwater top-drilled pearls with Peyote tube toggle clasp:

Freshwater top-drilled pearls with Peyote tube toggle clasp

Turquoise with sterling silver seed beads and Peyote tube toggle clasp:

Turquoise with sterling silver seed beads and Peyote tube toggle clasp

Organic coral with coordinating vintage Czech glass button closure:

Coral Embellished Right Angle Weave Bracelet

Tennis, anyone? Who says that tennis bracelets have to be diamonds? The single row turquoise embellished bracelet below sports a casual look with natural turquoise gemstone beads. There’s just a single-row right angle weave base, so the platform is perfect for quick bead embellishment.

Tennis bracelets are easy to wear singly or stacked. Choose a color scheme that pleases you and you can combine several bracelets to wear together.

Turquoise Embellished Right angle weave bracelet

Right Angle Weave makes a great base stitch for earrings, too. Just decide what size grid you want to use to show off your selected gemstones. If you feel sparkly, you can use crystals. But remember that the holes of Swarovski crystal beads can have sharp edges, so use a braided beading thread like Fireline – and use heavy duty cutters or scissors you don’t mind replacing to cut Fireline beading thread – it can damage your good scissors

Using a 5 x 5 grid on point, I made these amethyst earrings. I love how the stones compact together into a mass of color, so the light reflects off the faceted gems.

Right angle weave amethyst earrings

Fire polished Czech glass offers tons of color choices. Seafoam green reminds me of the beach – so it’s great for summer – and for winter wishful thinking.

Right Angle Weave mint fire polish earrings

For a lighter look with just a hint of pink, I wove a single-row base of Right Angle Weave with room for five beads. By alternating coral and quartz, I could have just a little pink, but not too much.

Right angle weave coral and quartz earrings

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