Spotlight: Terry and Sarah Snow of Chaos Woods

Chaos Woods

Spotlight: Terry and Sarah Snow of Chaos Woods

Terry and Sarah Snow are a husband and wife team who started making wooden toys, inspired by comics and toys.

Chaos Woods

Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

We’re a husband and wife team, Terry and Sarah Snow, who started making wooden toys and crafts at the beginning of 2014.

We started off with wooden robot tanks They range from simple blocks with pegs and holes that fit together and allow the pieces to articulate to the one attached that was inspired by the Biker of the Apocalypse in the movie Raising Arizona. It even has a woodpecker tattoo.

One of our early goals was to make art that is accessible and people can interact with. That’s when we started the rubber band gun series. They’re $15 – $20.

Most recently we started making lamps. Terry is really enjoying working on the lathe and turning the bases and together we come up with a theme for Sarah to paint on the shade.

Terry is a carpenter at an industrial cabinet shop and Sarah is the webmaster for the University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts. We live in Austin and enjoy the outdoors with our dogs, the music scene and doing arts and crafts of all sorts.

Chaos Woods
Apocalypse Bear

What made you interested in wood working?

Terry was looking to change his career. After taking a few woodworking classes and reading Zany Wooden Toys that Whiz, Spin, Pop and Fly by Bob Gilsdorf we both became interested in woodworking. Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in studio art and an interest in all visual arts. We enjoyed learning about all the different types of wood, processes and tools. We found that we make a good team..

What inspires you?

Comics and toys have been a major inspiration throughout Terry’s life. Sarah has a love for surrealist and Dada art and literature. There are several great woodworking shows on PBS that inspire us. We also love to travel and see live music, watch movies and read. We find inspiration in many different mediums, even our dogs.

Chaos Woods
Rubber Band Guns

What other hobbies do you have?

With full-time jobs and Chaos Woods we have very little time for other hobbies. We collect comics and toys. We hike and camp on occasion and after vacation we like to make a photo album or slideshow of our trip.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Don’t quit your day job. Don’t forget your towel. But seriously, the advice to read Rework by Jason Fried was a good start.

Chaos Woods
Zombie Lamp

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