Our Spotlight artists are a talented bunch. At Create Whimsy we share the stories of makers, inspiring each of our creativity. We believe that creativity crosses mediums, and love to see what makes different people tick.

We love learning what inspires makers, seeing where their magic happens and their journey to where they are today. Some are organized and plan their projects out to every detail, and some let the project take them on an adventure, not quite sure what the final piece will be — but, they know when it is done.

Browse through our interviews, where we spotlight makers learning about their journeys to where they are today. Linger on their pages and visit their websites for inspiration!

Beads, thread and fabric occupy Pat Herkal's head and hands every day. Whimsy, color and the natural world inspire her work. Mixing beads, shells, stones, and found objects - man...

Toni Smith has been selling her original Comic Book and Video Game quilts at conventions for years. Her pattern line, QuilToni, of pixelated quilts teaches the basics of quilting while...