Basic Dog Pattern

In order to have custom clothes, I need to have a basic dog pattern. Once there is a basic pattern to fit my chest and length, it is easy to make different things like a rain jacket, or even a tutu!

Start by having your seamstress do some basic measurements. Here I’m showing how to measure from neck to tail bone. This will be the longest length for my clothes.

measuring for a basic dog pattern

Then, get your neck measurement – not too tight, please!

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Measuring the neck of your dog

Then, measure around your waist – the widest part of your body.

Measuring around the belly/chest for your dog pattern

Using those measurements, make a pattern. See the white (sorry you can’t see it better). This is placed on the fold.

Start with the length of the pattern, and mark it on a piece of pattern paper, or tissue paper.  That is the neck edge to the end of the garment (without hems).

Let’s add the width next. Take about 1/2 of the chest measurement, and mark it on the pattern. Add a 3″ strip at the waist mark, this is where you’ll put a closure for the garment. I use velcro because it is easy to get on and off the dog.

Add a section to the top of the pattern for the neck edge.  Add a strip about 2″ wide at the top of the pattern that is 1/2 of the neck measurement, plus 3″ — again to place velcro to make it easy for me to get the dog clothes on and off.

You now have a basic dog pattern!

Pattern is drafted, and now to cut out of fabric

And, here is how it looks! My seamstress added a tutu to this one!  If you use a spandex knit, you just cut and add velcro to the neck and waist belt. and you’re done! No need for hems or bindings, since Spandex knits don’t ravel. Bonus tip – they hold up well with wear.

Rox is porting her new tutu made from the basic dog pattern

In this picture, you can see how well it fits me!

Another picture of Roxy in her tutu made from the basic dog pattern

There are so many things you can do with this basic pattern:

  • Taper the top side to cover the tail for a rain jacket
  • Make a vest and put buttons on top for a formal look
  • Add a bow tie for a special occasion!
  • Make a ring bearer outfit by adding a pillow top on the back, with ribbons to tie on the rings (just make sure the dog doesn’t run off!)

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