How To Make A Tutu For Your Dog

Another great shot of Rox and her tutu

How To Make A Tutu For Your Dog

Every girl needs a tutu. Even dogs need a tutu from time to time. We’ll show you how to make a dog tutu!

There are two options for making a tutu for your dog: Making a base or undergarment for the tutu, which is the first approach in this post, or start with a harness to attach the tutu.

To make a tutu for your dog start by making a custom undergarment:

Start with tulle – lots of it. I used one yard each of four different pink colors of tulle. Using different shades of colors makes it visually more interesting.

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laying out the tulle for the tutu

Cut the tulle into strips about 3″ wide.

Cutting the tulle into 3" strips

Here are all of the colors I used to make my tutu.

Showing the layers and the variety of colors used to make the tutu

I used a piece of elastic – because my waist needs some stretch. Take the strips of tulle and slip knot them onto the elastic until it as full as you’d like.

If your dog has a waist, you can use just a ribbon and slip knot the tulle onto a length of ribbon that fits around their waist, plus enough ribbon to tie a bow with the ribbon.

Elastic and tulle ready to put together the tutu

My waist is over 30″ and my widest point, so my tutu needed a ‘top’ to keep it in place. Spandex knit was perfect for this top. It doesn’t ravel, so no need to finish the edges. And, it stretches nicely over my broad shoulders.

See the article on how to make dog clothes for more information on this pattern, how to measure a dog for clothes and make a basic pattern that can be switched up to a rain jacket and more.

laying out the dog pattern on some spandex

Sew or glue velcro on the neck and waist bands so it is easy to take on and off, but secure while it is on the body. Then, sew the elastic strip tutu to the bottom edge of the body. And, we have a dog tutu!

adding velcro to the dog bodice

Then pose for the cameras! Everyone loves a bulldog in a tutu!

Roxanne sporting her new tutu
Another great shot of Rox and her tutu
And more of beautiful Roxanne in her tutu

A second way to make a tutu for your dog is starting with a harness:

I’m a little dog with a big attitude, and considered a little princess. I needed a custom doggie tutu!

This tutu was made differently than most you see online, as it attaches to my harness so that it stays in place and out of the way if nature calls when I’m all dressed up.

Pixel in her tutu

Start by cutting 4 pieces of ribbon. 2 are the length of the harness around the body plus about 2 inches. 2 are big enough to fit the clasps of the harness through, plus seam allowances.  These will make loops to attach to the harness.

Measuring ribbon for the harness tutu

Then, cut a piece of the tulle on a roll found in craft stores for weddings and such that is 2x the length of the long piece of ribbon.  This needs to be gathered to fit on the large length of ribbon from where the ribbon will hit the dog from side to side. , so that the tulle isn’t under the body. I choose to gather this tulle using the method of using a zigzag stitch over dental floss.  This is a quick and easy way for finicky fabrics, like tulle. I use the foot with the hole in it (Bernina #6), thread the dental floss through the hole and just put your machine on a zigzag stitch and sew!

sewing the tulle for the tutu

Tie off one end of the dental floss, and pull the other end to make the gathers. I pinned one end using a figure 8 twist over a pin to stabilize the one end.

gathering the tulle onto the ribbon for the dog tutu

This is pinned at about 1/4 up the length of the ribbon. I folded the ribbon in half, and the half way mark will hit where the clasps for the harness are, then 1/4 mark on either side is where the gathered tulle will be, leaving the underside with no tulle.

Once all gathered and in place on the ribbon, I zigzagged the tulle to the wrong side of one of the pieces of ribbon. This will be the ‘inside’ of the tutu.

Sewing the gathered tulle to the ribbon for the dog tutu

Once the tulle is secure to the ribbon, place the two loops of ribbon on either side of the ‘center’, leaving a gap big enough for the clasp. Then, layer the other long ribbon on top and topstitch to finish the edge.

Sewing on loops that will attach to the harness

Note: This is the wrong side that shows the zig zag stitch. I zig zagged twice so it would be extra secure.

Once the 2nd long ribbon is sewed on, there is a ‘tube’ of the large ribbon.  Cut a piece of elastic that is about 1″ larger than the circumference of the chest, and thread it through the ribbon tube. I used my bodkin – makes it much easier!

Adding some elastic

Finish off the edges. I turned them in so there were no raw edges of the ribbon, which can ravel. Then it is finished and ready to put on! Slip the main body onto the dog, and slip the loops on the harness and you have a tutu that stays on and stays put!

Pixel in her red tutu!

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