Spotlight: Daniela Gutierrez, DG Patterns

Daniela Gutierrez

Spotlight: Daniela Gutierrez, DG Patterns

Daniela Gutierrez, owner and designer of DG Patterns, creates unique and modern sewing patterns primarily for women, but has a few for some awesome kids clothes, too. She follows her passion and designs what she loves, then shares it with the world. Lucky us!

Daniela Gutierrez

When did you start sewing and who taught you?

I started sewing in 2008 when I moved to live alone in a small town. My then-boyfriend (now husband) advised me to do some sewing and I loved it instantly! A self-taught sewist, my dad taught me how to draft patterns.

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What was your ah-ha moment when you decided that you wanted to design and draft patterns?

I always did it – from the very beginning for me it was part of my ”sewing project”!

What inspires the patterns you make?

Everything! I like to follow the current trends on RTW fashion, but I also like to make some unique details on my designs that are inspired in nature, architecture and even movies.

Is DG Patterns your full-time job? If not, what do you do in your day life? 

Managing DG Patterns is now my full time job. When I was younger, I used to be a volunteer firefighter. I was also an ESL teacher back in Chile before I moved to Canada.

Are you the type of person that starts a project and finishes it? Or do you work on many projects at a time?

I tried to focus my sewing on the business aspect of it, so I need to be very consistent on creating one pattern and one sewing project at a time.  Otherwise, I tend to lose focus and get disorganized with the deadlines.

Olvie Top and Dress pattern

Do you generally draft patterns and make them for yourself first? Or do you think of your customers and draft for them?

My patterns are a reflection of my own taste; so I make the patterns for myself and then if I love them, they are good to go. I hope that shows on the pictures 🙂

What was the biggest challenge in starting your own pattern business?

The biggest challenge was to find the balance between my pattern store and my blog. I used to make everything for free, and it feels awesome to connect with readers at that level, but I was not making any money. So I now have to be more realistic on what I can offer to the public and what makes sense for the business.

What keeps you going, designing new patterns and releasing to the world?

I love the freedom of creating anything I want. From movie-inspired projects to colors in nature, I always feel inspired to make something new, unique and beautiful.

Do you create in other mediums or just garment making?

Just garment making.

What is your most productive time?

Mornings, I work from 8:30 to 2:30, until my son is out of school.

Tell us about your studio! How do you store your patterns, fabrics and notions?

I have a specific room in my home for my sewing projects: two tables support the sewing machine and serger, then the closet holds the fabric, printer and notions. I store the patterns under my son’s bed, in a plastic container. 🙂

Which is your favorite pattern in your line and why?

In terms of the business, the Necktie top pattern  is successful with a before and after that pattern that influenced the social recognition of my work and audience growth. In terms of my personal style, I love to wear the Olvie top and dress pattern

Necktie Top pattern

Which pattern in your line have you personally used the most?

Well, here in Canada the cardigan and sweater are a must, so for the season, the Julia sweater and the Clara T-shirt is my go-to outfit (mommy style).

Julia Cardigan pattern
Clara T-shirt Set Pattern

Which pattern in your line is most popular with your customers? 

The Cadence pants was a great hit.

Cadence Pants Pattern

Interview posted January 2018

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