Spotlight: Brecia Kralovic-Logan, Fiber Artist and Creativity Coach

Weaving by Brecia

Spotlight: Brecia Kralovic-Logan, Fiber Artist and Creativity Coach

An accomplished fiber artist in her own right, Brecia Kralovic-Logan is committed to helping others realize their best creative selves. Her creativity coaching had led her to an “artivist” life, empowering women to tell their stories through creative expression.

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Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

Over the last couple of years I have been going through a metamorphosis of sorts. During the first decades of my artist life, the process enlivened me. I raised my own sheep/angora rabbits/silkworms so that I could experience the complete textile process from fiber source to finished product. I grew plants for dyes and basketry. Then I spun, wove, knit, felted and stitched in ways that pushed me to new self-expression. My work and teaching mantra has been “Play, Explore, Discover.”

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While process and experimentation are still integral to my work, my focus has become creating art for social change. I now see myself as an “artivist”. As such, I make art and facilitate artmaking that calls attention to issues I care about. I am a partner with the Charter for Compassion, active in the Women and Girls section.

Tell us about Women’s Woven Voices. What are the goals of the project, and how can people participate?

My current project, Women’s Woven Voices, is an international collaborative art project that empowers women through writing, weaving, and sharing their stories.

Weavings by Brecia Kralovic-Logan

The mission of the project is:

  • Create a woven tapestry based on the stories of 1,000 women globally. Then the tapestry will be exhibited internationally to shine a light on the creative accomplishments of women. Also, it will call attention to the world-wide challenges women currently face.
  • Foster a culture of self-knowledge and sharing that builds courage and fosters a sense of power in women everywhere. Then empower them to contribute to their communities in positive ways.
  • Allow women to tell their stories using art as a catalyst for change. In particular, to open discussions about issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse in a safe and supportive way.
  • Promote resilience, compassion, open communication, healing and peace in individuals and communities.

This project invites women from around the globe to reflect on what has made them the woman that they are today. They write about their life experiences and weave a colorful story cloth. Then they share their story with others.

Weaving by Brecia

I stitch the story cloths together into a collective tapestry. Then I add a red fringe to the bottom of 3 out of 4 strips. This promotes awareness of the challenges that women face globally, including domestic violence and sexual abuse.

When the project is finished, the tapestry will include 400 panels, 1000 story cloths and be over 170 feet long. The project aligns with the UN Sustainable Goals for Women and Girls. Then I hope to exhibit the tapestry during the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations.

What is creativity to you? Do you think that creativity comes naturally to people – or do you think creativity is a skill that people can develop?

I believe that everyone is creative and that people can learn skills that support creative thinking and manifesting.

Creativity is a driving force of life itself. So creativity is our “Superpower”- the ability to create something that never before existed. We live in a cultural context, so those outside influences can interfere with our natural, authentic knowing and our ability to visualize new and innovative ideas.

Poems, Prayers, Promises Power Cape

When we take time for self-reflection, connect with our intuition and passionate energy and build skills for personal development, then we nurture our creative nature.

The Spiral of Creativity book cover

What was your goal in writing The Spiral of Creativity?

I wanted to give people a guide to reclaiming and strengthening their creative power.

As a certified creativity coach, I love helping people live their most creative, fulfilling, and joyful lives possible. I had been sharing the material during live workshops. Then I realized that I could support many more people in their creative evolving through a book. So it’s really an interactive coaching guide that can prompt self-discovery and transformation.

Do you have any special rituals that help you achieve your creative goals?

I’m a committed goal setter. So I like to set a continuum of goals projecting 5 year, 3 year, 1 year and quarterly goals.

After I set my goals, I harness the power of visualization to create vision boards. I create one at the beginning of each year. Then I create more as a check-in throughout the year. I love accessing my inner wisdom in this way.

I sometimes create specific boards with very clear pictures of what I want to manifest. Sometimes I ask my inner self to reveal something to me through the board. Then I gather pictures from magazines, paying attention to anything that I react to. Then I play with the colors and textures of the pictures. So I create my board in a very intuitive way. I hang the boards in my studio or office and look at them often. So I have a collection of boards and have manifested many of the things/opportunities/relationships that I visualized.

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Interview posted September 2018

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