Pin Loom Woven Flowers

Completed hat with an entire bouquet of flowers.

Pin Loom Woven Flowers

Last year I acquired a 4” pin loom at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. It sat in my craft room for a while. Then came an inspiration for using this versatile little gadget.

My spinning guild is holding a tea in April. We are encouraged to wear a hat, the wilder the better. Well these little looms make great little flowers. An added plus is you can use up all of those little bits of handspun yarn from other projects.

Once I started making the 4” squares, I realized that smaller squares would be a really nice addition. So thanks to the internet I purchased a 2” loom as well.

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To make these lovely little flowers, weave two 4” squares and one 2” square. Then pull one vertical and one horizontal thread in the middle of each square; this creates four petals. These can then be stacked and sewn together and then decorated any which way.

pin loom flowers close up
Pin loom flowers close up

The decorating of my hat for the tea is still in progress. Not sure if I will go really crazy and sew on an entire flower garden or just decorate with a few bunches.

Hat in progress
Hat in progress, lovely for tea in the garden or an Easter parade.

Weaving squares on the pin loom finishes all sides, so there is no worry about the squares coming unraveled. So it is a handy little device for take along projects.

To learn more about pin looms, check out the Weave It loom, Hazel Rose looms or the Schacht Zoom Loom. They all come with basic instructions.

Pin loom supplies
The basics for a pin loom

There are a few books on the market as well. Margaret Stump’s book, Pin Loom Weaving inspired the flower idea.

Completed hat with an entire bouquet of flowers.
Completed hat with an entire bouquet of flowers.

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