Pen Quiver for Bullet Journal

2018 Pen Quiver

Pen Quiver for Bullet Journal

People who know me, know I keep lots of lists. I used a Franklin for bazillion years – but it ended up not meeting all of my needs, so then I tried several notebooks, yellow pads, 3×5 notecards and had a hard time keeping track of everything, until I started using a Bullet Journal. With each new journal, I’ve been making a custom pen quiver for bullet journal, to keep my different color pens handy.

Pen Quiver 2018

A new year, brings a new Pen Quiver! I’m now into year 4 of using a Bullet Journal, and love it, because I can make it mine. I use a different color pen for the different parts of my life, so it is easy to see at a glance what I need to get done, different parts of my day. I make a monthly calendar 2 page spread, where the calendar is on the left side page, and a list of things I want to get done in the month are on the right hand side. I use the different color pens to easily identify my personal, work and side business goals.

Each week gets a two week spread, too. With the days of the week on the left, and to-do lists and status reports on the right. At the bottom of the to-do list, I make notes on major accomplishments for the week, and what things I want to make sure to get done in the future.

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Pen Quiver on journal with other supplies to keep life organized

Here is my newest Pen Quiver, and love the new repositionable Ultra Tabs from Avery. They sent me some samples to try. If you are into making notes in books or keeping track of information in notebooks that the page changes, these are for you! They are so sturdy and truly are reposition able! Now I can easily flip to today’s list, the weekly list, and other areas of my bullet journal that I want to refer to.

Inside of pen quiver

And my inside pocket for my shopping lists.

Below is one of my previous Pen Quivers. I make a new one for each new journal, and making them with different bright and happy fabrics.  Over the years, I’ve increased the number of colored pens I want with me, as my life and activities have evolved. One is for my paying job, one is for Create Whimsy tasks or ideas, another for a volunteer organization I work with, one for my personal tasks and then the last color are for sewing, quilting, diy, craft projects I want to accomplish. I can quickly look at my to-do lists and see what I want to get done by the color of the task!

Another pen quiver

I use index cards for errands that I need to run, grocery lists, etc. so it is easy when I run into a store. I didn’t have a place for them, so they would be just tucked in my journal somewhere. Now, they have a place! Check out my new little inside pocket!  I love it! It was a new addition to this version.

Showing the inside front cover of the quiver

How to Make A Pen Quiver for Bullet Journal

This was my original post, and my original pen quiver for bullet journal.

Working full-time, starting a business and enjoying my play-time with my fabrics, beads, paints and anything else I can find — makes it hard to keep track of everything I think I want to get done. I recently discovered Bullet Journal and just had to try it. Wow – I love it!  I’m using 4 different color pens – personal life, full-time job, start-up and notes. It’s easy for me to see what I need to do when I’m at work, and when I’m at home. I love the flexibility.

The one issue I had is remembering to take my 4 colors of pens to work with me every day, and then home again. I read a post on the Google+ Bullet Journal group about a person who was looking for a pen quiver for her Bullet Journal. I thought — that’s exactly what I need! And, I can make it!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Elastic
  • 1 or 2 pieces of fabric

Start by measuring the height of your journal. Mine is 8″. I also measured the pens I like and how deep of a pocket I’ll want for the pens.  I picked 4″. So, I’ll cut my fabric 13″ long. 8″ + 4″ = 12″ + 1″ for seam allowances and folds.

To figure out how wide to cut my fabric, I laid out my pens and decided 1″ pockets for each pen.  Then included 1/4″ seam allowances for a 4-1/2″ width in fabric.

Measuring the journal

I cut out two pieces of fabric 13 x 4-1/2.

Fabric cut for the quiver

Then I cut two pieces of elastic at 8″, the height of my journal. Layer the fabrics right side together and put one edge of the elastic about 3/4″ in from each edge.

placing the elastic on the fabric

Sandwich right sides together and sew around the edge 1/4″ seam allowances. Make sure to leave about 2″ opening to turn the right sides out.

Leave an opening to turn the fabric right side out

Turn the rectangle right side out and press.

Fabric turned right side out and pressed

The top is where the elastic is encased in the seam.  The bottom does not have the elastic secured — yet. Turn the bottom up 4″ and sew 1/4″ around the edge. Start at the top (where the elastic is encased in the seam) and stop on the side and pin the elastic 1/2″ in on both sides at the bottom.

Fold up the bottom to form the pen pouch

Top stitch 1/4″ around the quiver.  Make sure to catch the other end of the elastic about 1/2″ in from the bottom edges.

Top stitch around the entire edge

Here is how I made sure the elastic was in the right place for the bottom of the quiver.

Catching the elastic while doing the top stitching

Sew around the entire quiver and you’ll close the opening where you turned the right sides out.

Next, measure the channels for your pens. I have four pens that I like to use, so I started by sewing a channel in the middle of the ‘cuff’ for pens.

sewing the channels for the pens

I then sewed the other two channels for the other pens. I used my ‘stitch in the ditch’ foot to make it easy to sew a straight line where I wanted it.

And, here is the finished pen quiver!

Finished pen quiver

The front

Back of the pen quiver

The back.  I intentionally made the elastic a little bit shorter – like 1/4″ – so that the pens would be taut against the journal.

Ready to use!

And, my pens are now with my journal wherever I take it!  Love this idea!

Next time, I might curve the edges out to accommodate the pens and give more ease in the pen area.  Here is my finished quiver! I’m so excited to easily take all of my pens with me!

Another pen quiver

And, here is another one I made for a friend.

Yellow Pen Quiver for a Bullet Journal

Here is a quiver made by Bobbie, and how she made them as gifts with covered composition books for her friends.

“I picked hot pink with a pretty paisley print that makes me smile. The instructions were easy to follow and I had a pretty quiver in just a few minutes! It took me longer to set up the sewing machine that it did to make the quiver. I only had white elastic in the house and did not want to go out. I may get some black elastic later and make a new one. I don’t really like the white showing on the front.”

Pink Paisley pen quiver

My new quiver on my daily journal that goes every where with me!

Since the sewing machine was out and I had time, I decided to make some more. I picked up these cute composition books at the Dollar Store yesterday. Add a quiver and they will be a nice little gift. I advise everyone to put all their notes in ONE place; now I can give them a good start with that important habit!

Dollar store composition books
Dollar Composition Books make a perfect and thrifty journal.

Matching fabric pieces from my collection and thinking about the sweet people who will be the recipients from a fun Sunday afternoon project

Turquoise and yellow pen quiver

I may need to go buy more dollar journals! Have fun creating whimsy!

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