Organize Your Threads – 10 Great Ideas!

Mason Jar Thread Storage

Organize Your Threads – 10 Great Ideas!

Collecting threads is like being turned loose in a candy store! (Well, maybe more like a fabric store….) I’ve been using a greater variety of threads from my stash lately, and I think it may be because I store them in a way that is inviting – they say, “Pick me!!” As a result, I think my work is more varied and interesting. Because if a fun thread isn’t buried in the bottom of a drawer, I am more likely to experiment with it. What works for me may not work for you, however, so I’ve gathered 10 great ideas for organizing your threads. I think I will add some of these ideas to my current system for sewing threads, embroidery floss and bobbins!

This Monogram Thread Rack from Melly Sews is fabulous! You’ll need some skills with a jigsaw (or know someone who does), but it’s worth it when you end up with such a personalized display that gives you ready access to your thread rainbow!

Monogram Thread Rack from Melly Sews

I love this Mason Jar Display from I Heart Organizing! The thread candy is visible and inspiring and protected from dust and pet allergens. Check out Chelsea’s suggestions for storing other notions in jars, too.

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Mason Jar Thread Storage

A Framed Pegboard can be any size or any style to fit with what you need in your own studio. Life Created made this design completely from recycled materials. Old colored pencils hold the spools, adding more whimsy and color!

Organize Your Threads - 10 Great Ideas!

Here’s another idea that you can customize to suit your space made from Dowels and Concave Quarter Round trim. And Fynes Designs made hers for under $5.00! Her instructions are easy to follow and don’t require fancy carpentry skills!

Organize Your Threads - 10 Great Ideas!

Heather Bailey has a great way to keep her embroidery floss corralled – she uses the hole on the plastic bobbins to string her flosses on metal rings. These Metal Ring Floss Organizers make it easy to add or remove threads from your collection – just open the ring! Use small rings to keep threads together for a portable project – just grab the ring and go!

Metal Ring Floss Organizers

To protect your embroidery floss from dust and light, a Card Catalog Drawer (remember those?) is perfect! One Dog Woof shows you how to set up the drawers to keep your threads neat and tidy.

Organize threads in old card catalogue drawers

Transferring embroidery floss from the skein to a bobbin card can be a s-l-o-w process! And then if you’re doing a major reorganization, the task can be daunting. Little Lovelies speeds it up by adapting a Power Drill Floss Winder. She shows you what you need and how to do it – each bobbin winds in about 10 seconds!

Wind your threads on cards with a power drill

I’ve seen embroidery floss wrapped on wooden clothespins before, but they are usually gathered in a basket. Pretty, but you have to dig to find the color you want. The creative people at & Stitches came up with a Framed Floss Organizer that uses clothespins and a frame. So it keeps your entire color palette visible. Then it’s easy to write the color numbers on the clothespins to keep track of it all!

wind threads on clothes pins and hang in a picture frame

Sew Many Ways suggests using Silicone Ice Tray Bobbin Storage. The silicone is flexible, so it holds the bobbins securely while allowing for easy removal! The ice trays are available in lots of fun colors and fit nicely in a drawer.

Organize bobbins in ice trays

Those toe separators from the nail salon? They make super Flexible Foam Bobbin Holders! This idea is from Sew 4 Home. I’m going to use this tip to pack bobbins for retreats!

organize bobbins with toe separators made for pedicures

Check out all of our ideas to keep your creative supplies organized!

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