How to Make an EPP Travel Case with Kraft-Tex

Finished EPP Travel Case Angled

How to Make an EPP Travel Case with Kraft-Tex

Kraft-Tex is a versatile heavy paper product that sews like fabric and acts like leather. It’s super sturdy, so is great for a project that will get a lot of use, like an EPP Travel Kit.

One of the joys of English Paper Piecing (EPP) is the technique’s portability. You can work on piecing a quilt almost anywhere – as long as you have your supplies nearby. And since you need just a few small items to stock your English Paper Piecing Provisions, a compact travel kit is all you need. But to find just the right one….

I wanted specific features in my travel case, but couldn’t find anything that had everything I wanted. So I designed this one! (The appliqué on the cover is optional, but it reminds me what I am likely to find inside.)

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Finished EPP Travel Case Angled

The EPP Travel Case has zipper pockets – 2 with vinyl windows and one removable bag that attaches to the center of the cover with Velcro. I can pull that one out to use separately. The back of each zipped window pocket is also the front of a slip pouch, both front and back, that is just the right size for a small cutting mat and a pattern or a notebook. The Velcro tab closure keeps it all together.

This is not a beginner project – there are many moving parts, and turning corners with zippers is not for the faint-hearted. Also Kraft-Tex is a non-woven material, so it doesn’t allow you to ease pieces to fit. Measure twice; cut once!

Here is a step-by-step guide to how I made my EPP Travel Case!

Finished EPP Travel Case Angled

How to Make an EPP Travel Case with Kraft-Tex

Keep your English Paper Piecing Projects organized with a Kraft-Tex EPP Travel Case. Everything you need for your project will be in one place to sewing at home or on the go.


  • I Roll Kraft-Tex (I used Sapphire Hand-Dyed Kraft-Tex)
  • 2 5 X 7 inch pieces craft vinyl
  • 2 coordinating fat quarters - one for the main fabric and one for lining
  • 18 X 18-inch batting
  • 3 14-inch zippers
  • 7 inches 3/4-inch wide Velcro hook and loop tape
  • 1 3/4-inch Velcro hook and loop tape circle
  • Thread
  • Optional appliqué
  • Optional button


  • Sewing machine and accessories
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutting rulers
  • Hera marker
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Wonder Clips
  • Pins
  • Hand sewing needle


  1. Gather your supplies. Gather Supplies for EPP Travel Case
  2. From Kraft-Tex, cut one piece 15 1/2 X 9 inches for main cover and one piece 3/4 X 3 3/4 inches for tab. Cut Cover and Tab Then cut 2 pieces at 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches for front and back slide pockets.Cut Front-Back Slide Pockets
  3. For center detachable zip pouch, cut 2 pieces 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches and one piece 14 1/2 X 1 inch from main fabric. Center Pouch Cut Main and Batting Cut identical pieces from batting.
  4. For center pouch lining, cut 2 pieces at 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches and one piece at 14 1/2 x 8 inch.Cut Center Pouch Lining
  5. For window pouches, cut 2 5 X 7 inch pieces of craft vinyl. Also cut from main fabric 8 pieces at 7 X 1 1/4 inches, 8 pieces at 6 1/2at X 1 1/4 inches and 2 pieces at 14 1/2 X 1 1/2 inches. Cut Vinyl Pouch X 2
  6. Using a hera marker or another removable marker, mark the tab 1 1/2-inch from one end and 3/4-inch from the other end.Tab Markings The remaining center section will be 1 1/5 inches.Mark Tab
  7. On the main cover piece of Kraft-Tex, measure 7 inches in from each side.Mark CoverMark those lines. There should be 1 1/5 inches at the center. These will be your fold lines.Cover Fold Lines
  8. Press on the fold lines on the tab and main cover pieces.Press Fold LinesThis is what the pressed pieces look like:Fold Lines After Pressing
  9. If you are adding an appliqué or other embellishment to the front cover, do it now.Optional Cover Applique
  10. Center the 7-inch piece of the hook side of Velcro to the inside of the travel case's spine. Edge stitch all around. NOTE: Your bobbin thread will show on the outside, so decide now if you want it to blend in or contrast.Stitch Hook Side of Velcro
  11. Stitch the hook side of the Velcro circle to the inside of the tab, behind the 3/4-inch section. Center the loop side of the Velcro circle along the right front edge of the cover and stitch. Then center the 3/4-inch section of the tab along the back edge of the cover and stitch to secure.Attach Tab to Back CoverRound the front edge of the tab and add a decorative button, if you wish.
  12. Now we start on the lined center zip pouch. Layer the 14 1/2-inch batting strip and outer pouch fabric. Center the 7-inch piece of the loop side of the Velcro on top of the fabric. Edgestitch all around.ew Loop Velcro to Bag Bottom and Batting
  13. Right sides together, stitch one end of a zipper to one end of the strip, allowing 1/4-inch from the end of the fabric.RST Stitch Zipper to Strip and BattingRepeat for the other end of the zipper and fabric-batting strip, making a closed loop.
  14. Layer a batting rectangle with a 6 1/2 X 8 1/2-inch piece of outer fabric. Placing the zipper-strip seam lines right sides together at the halfway point of the short sides of the rectangle, stitch with 1/4-inch seam allowance. RST Pouch and Batting to Zipper
  15. Turn batting/batting corners as you would turn a corner for quilt binding.Turning Batting Corner
  16. Turn zipper corners in much the same way, but these corners will require more finessing. Stop your stitching and start again if that makes it easier.Turning Zipper CornerTurning zipper corners may be easier if the zipper is open.Turning Zipper Corner Open
  17. Repeat for the other side. This view is of the center zip pouch inside-out.Repeat for Other Side
  18. Turn zipper pouch to the right side.Turn - Pouch Outer ShellYou will see the Velcro along the bottom of the pouch. This will attached to the Velcro on the travel case's spine.Pouch Showing Velcro
  19. For the pouch lining, press each end of the long strip in 1/4-inch. On each of the other lining pieces, press in 1/4-inch along one long side and halfway up each short side.Press Top and Sides of Lining
  20. Right sides together, pin the strip to the unpressed edge of one of the lining pieces, matching centers.Pin Lining Pieces RST
  21. Stitch with 1/4-inch seam, turning corners as you would for quilt binding.Turn Lining Corners Like Quilt Binding
  22. Attach second lining piece to strip in the same way.Repeat for Other Side of Lining
  23. Slip lining into bag.Slip Lining into Pouch
  24. Hand stitch lining to zipper tape along pressed edges. Use a thread that matches the zipper tape to best hide stitches.Hand Stitch Lining to ZipperAfter hand stitching, the center bag is ready.Finished Center Pouch
  25. Here is the center zip pouch, showing the Velcro along the bottom edge.Pouch BottomAnd here is the center zipper pouch, showing the zip opening.Pouch Top
  26. Pick up one piece of vinyl. Along the long edge, sandwich the vinyl between 2 7-inch strips, right sides together. Stitch with 1/4-inch seam allowance. Vinyl Long Sides
  27. Repeat for the other vinyl edge and finger press. (Do not use your iron on vinyl!Finger Press Vinyl Long Sides
  28. Sandwich the short edges of vinyl between 2 6 1/2-inch strips, right sides together. Stitch with 1/4-inch seam. Repeat on other side. Finger press.Stitch Vinyl Short Sides
  29. Make 2 "window" units.Make 2 Window Panels
  30. Wrong sides together, press each 14 1/2-inch strip of main pocket fabric lengthwise.Press Sides Lengthwise
  31. Right sides together, stitch each end of a zipper to the ends of the pressed fabric strip. Make mirror image pieces (so the right and left zipper pouches will both open from the same side). Stitch Zipper to Sides
  32. Center and pin zipper/fabric loops to the fabric frames of vinyl windows and stitch, taking care at the corners. Clipping zipper tape at corners may help.Stitch Zipper-Side Piece to Windows
  33. Here are 2 window units. Note that the zippers are oriented to mirror each other. Clip one window unit to one each of the 6 1/2 X 8 1/2-inch Kraft-tex pieces, leaving 1/4-inch of Kraft-tex all around. Edge stitch pocket to Kraft-tex around all sides. (Not shown.)Mirrored Vinyl Pouches Ready to Stitch to Slide Pockets
  34. Decide which way you want your zippers to open, and clip the window units with their Kraft-tex backing to the inside front covers. Edgestitch on 3 sides, leaving the tab edge open. This will form a bonus slide pocket on the front and back covers.Clip Pouches to Front and Back
  35. The EPP Travel Case is ready for supplies!Finished Inside EPP Travel Case
  36. The center pouch pulls away easily for a small take-along bag.Finished Inside EPP Travel Case with Velcro
  37. The pieces can be used separately or together.Finished EPP Travel Case Components
  38. It's fun to add a decorative appliqué and coordinating button.Optional Decorative Button
  39. Load up your EPP Travel Case with templates, EPP papers, glue, fabric, etc. to keep your project on target.EPP Travel Case with Supplies
  40. It all fits together for easy transport.EPP Case with Supplies
  41. The slide pockets behind each window pouch are perfect for a small rotary mat, notebook, pattern, extra papers, etc.EPP Travel Case Slip Pouch Behind Vinyl Pocket
  42. It's easy to tell that his case hold EPP supplies.Finish EPP Travel Case Front Cover
  43. The Velcro closure keeps everything together. I matched my bobbin thread with the Kraft-tex color so it doesn't attract too much attention.Finished EPP Travel Case Angled

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