How to Make a Pinafore Apron with Back Cross Straps

Finished apron on door

How to Make a Pinafore Apron with Back Cross Straps

I’m cooking more meals at home, and enjoying more complex recipes. I don’t know about you, but I am not a neat cook. 🙂 Just ask my husband. I’ve always got several tea towels on the counter, and still end up wiping my hands on my clothes. Time for an apron. I decided I wanted a pinafore apron with back cross straps.

I looked at a lot of ready-to-wear versions and came up with this pattern that fits mosts sizes. With the center front panel, it gives you more room to reach and stretch for those pans in the back corner of the cupboard, the cross straps move with you and nice big pockets hold tissues!

I chose to use three different fabrics, all in linen. Linen is a great choice of fabric type for aprons, as it wears and washes well.

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Finished apron front

How to Make a Pinafore Apron with Back Cross Straps

Make your own pinafore apron with back cross straps to protect your clothes while cooking. Have fun with different fabric choices to make it yours!


  • If you want to use one fabric, a total of 2-1/2 yards fabric
  • I used 3 fabrics: Center front: 1/2 yard, Sides: 1-1/4 yards, Pockets and straps: 3/4 yard
  • Thread to match


  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Sewing ruler
  • Iron
  • Tweezer bodkin


  1. Start by cutting your pieces. For the front, cut one piece 14" wide x 34" long. For the sides, cut two pieces each 20" wide x 24" long. For the straps, cut two pieces each 5" wide x 22" long. For the pockets, cut 2 pieces 9" wide x 10" long.Fabric cut to make apron
  2. Start by making the straps. Fold each strap in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance.Sew straps
  3. Here are the straps sewn.Straps are all sewn
  4. Press the seams open, and center the pressed open seam on the strap.Press seams open on straps
  5. Turn the straps inside out. I like to use a tweezer type bodkin for this.Turn the straps right side out
  6. Press the straps again, centering the seam on one side, which will become the back of each strap.Straps pressed
  7. Turn in the ends of each strap and topstitch with 1/4" seam allowance. This finishes those edges.Finish the top and bottom edges of the straps
  8. Topstitch the side edges of each strap. This keeps them nice and flat with multiple washings.Topstitch the straps
  9. Put the straps aside. Now we'll make the pockets.
  10. Finish the edges of the pockets. I used a zigzag stitch around all edges. This is so the fabric won't fray and ravel with multiple washings. Finish the edges of the pockets
  11. Press 1/2" in on both 10" sides and one 9" side. Press the remaining 9" side down 1-1/2". This will be the top of each pocket.Pocket pressed and ready to finish the top
  12. Fold the top of the pocket right sides together, using the pressed crease as a guide. Sew from the top down along the side pressing lines for the length of the top fold.Stitching to finish the top of the pockets
  13. Turn the top of the pocket right sides out, and press again, This finishes the top edge of your pocket nicely, with no raw edges.Press the top of the pocket
  14. Now, topstitch 1" from the top of the pocket to secure the top fold down. This helps keep it neat with multiple washings. Finishing the top of the pocket
  15. Now the pockets are finished! Finished pockets
  16. Now we'll work on the main apron. Let's start with the center front. Again, finish all of the raw edges. I zigzag stitched them all. Press 2" down on one of the short sides to finish the top of the center of the apron.Pressing the top of the center front of the apron
  17. Fold and press 1/2" on each side, and finish the top of the apron just like we did on step 12 to finish the top of the pockets. Pressing the side seams of the front panel of the apron
  18. Prepare the side pieces. Finish all of the edges. Again, I zigzagged all of the edges. Pressing the top of the side apron panels
  19. To finish the top of the side pieces, fold down 2" on the 20" side, press and topstitch.Finish the top of the side apron panels
  20. Now we will sew the side pieces to the front. Start at the unfinished edges (the bottoms), line them up and sew 1/2" seam allowance. Sew both side seam pieces to the center front, one on each side. Sew side seams
  21. Press the seams open.Press side seam open on apron
  22. Press the 1/2" all of the way to the top of the center of the apron.Press side seam open
  23. Finish the back edges of the side panels. Fold them in 2" and press. This shows the finished top edge of the side panels, and then folding in the back edge and pressing. Showing pressed top and side of apron
  24. Topstitch the back edges that you just pressed. Topstitching side finish of apron
  25. Now it is time to hem the apron. Press the entire bottom edge of the apron up 1-1/2" to form the hem.Press hem of apron
  26. Topstitch the hem for the apron. Topstitch hem of apron
  27. Now it is time to add the pockets. You can place them where you like. I positioned them 4" down from the top of the side panels, and had them overlap the center front panel by 2". Pin them in place.Pin pockets to apron
  28. Topstitch around the side, bottom and up the other side on both pockets. Topstitch pockets to apron
  29. The final steps are to secure the straps. Pin one end of the strap so that it lines up with the bottom of the center front facing on the wrong side, and the side of the center front. Pinning straps to the front of the apron
  30. Here is how it is pinned from the inside. Pin straps to front of the apron
  31. To secure the strap, top stitch first across the top of the apron, along the fold line. Topstitching across the front of the apron
  32. Next topstitch from the inside along the edge of the fold. Both of these stitching lines secure the straps and the folded fabric.Top stitch straps to the back of the apron
  33. Topstitch along the side seam from the side panel to the top of the apron, on both sides. Topstitch the front of the apron
  34. Now to sew the other ends of the straps to the backs of the apron. Take one strap and line it up with the corner on the opposite side back. This makes the straps cross. Pin straps in place. Make sure there are no twists in the straps. You can try on the apron at this time and make any adjustments, if needed, to the straps.Pin straps to back of apron
  35. Stitch the straps to the back along the top and bottom edges.
  36. Here is the finished front of the apron. Finished apron front
  37. And, the finished back of the apron.Finished back to pinafore apron
  38. Enjoy your new pinafore apron with back cross straps!Finished apron on door

A perfect apron for my messy cooking!

Finished apron 2

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