Fun Halloween Masks for Kids

Fun Halloween Masks for Kids

Fun Halloween Masks for Kids

For some Halloween costumes, a little makeup creates the character, but for others – well, nothing but a mask will do! (And there’s no makeup to irritate sensitive skin or scrub off later – that’s a plus!) Here are some super-easy and fun Halloween masks for kids. You probably already have the materials around the house!

Egg carton noses

My kids don’t like to have their whole faces covered, so these Egg Carton Noses from Baby-Jungle are just right! With a touch of paper and paint, your little one can be a cat, a fox, a mouse and more!

frog mask from a paper plate

This easy Frog Mask from Kids Craft Room starts with a paper plate! The youngest ones will need help with the cutting, and older kids can tackle this project on their own. This frog has even caught a fly – a detail kids will love!

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Fox mask from a paper plate

Foxes are everywhere these days, and a Paper Plate Fox Mask from Mom.Me also begins with a simple paper plate. This is an project that kids can have fun making themselves. Make yourself available to help with cutting out the eyes.

Ninja masks from felt

The kids may not be able to make their own Crochet Ninja Turtle Masks, but these are just too cute to leave off this list! I wish I had seen this when my son became Leonardo! Stitch11 provides the pattern and complete instructions. The softness of this mask means it’s comfortable to wear!

Owl masks from cupcake papers

I never would have thought of using cupcake liners as mask-making materials! Meet The Owl and the Pussycat by The Craft Train. This idea has lots of potential to create other characters.

Super hero masks

The kids can design their own Superhero Masks from the templates provided by Red Ted Art! The following video shows you how to make even more masks from cardstock!

We’ve got some great costume ideas, too! And, ideas for themes for the entire family! Did the last minute catch up with you? Here are some last minute Halloween costume ideas. And, some masks specifically for adults.

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