Fake Scythe

fake scythe

Fake Scythe

This fake scythe is safe and ready to enhance a Halloween costume or add a frightful touch to your Halloween decorations. The perfect accessory for your Halloween party or haunted house!

fake scythe

This fake scythe made of wood, foam and silver electrical tap might not cut wheat but is the perfect accessory for the coming Halloween!

Purchase a piece of dowling and paint or stain it brown. Take a piece of foam and cut it to look like a scythe blade. Begin at the point, and wrap with the silver electrical tape, being careful to overlap your previous wrap. Keep wrapping until you get near the end that you’ll attach to the dowel.

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Close up of the fake scythe

Attach the end of the blade to the dowel with several wraps of the tape. Then, finish wrapping the blade to the dowel.  Doing it in this process makes it easier to wrap the majority of the blade before you attach it to the dowel. Then, wrapping over the tape that attaches the blade to the dowel, makes it more durable — it should last as long as the Halloween party or trick or treating!

Fake Scythe wrapped end

Go scare the ba-jeebers out of other Halloween enthusiasts! At a haunted house, Halloween party or trick or treating!

Contributed by JustMeJustine, who loves to make things, and is currently a prop artisan at Village Theatre which keeps her busy doing what she loves.

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