DIY Valentine Fabric Postcards

Four finished Valentine's postcards

DIY Valentine Fabric Postcards

Show your love by making your own Valentine Fabric Postcards! Fabric postcards are little pieces of art that the recipients can display and enjoy, and they are so fun to make!

Valentine Post Cards

All you need are some fabric scraps, some Fast2Fuse or other very stiff double side fusible interfacing and some lightweight double sided fusible web like Wonder Under.

Big red heart on a lavender background

Cut the Fast2Fuse into 4 x 6 pieces. These are okay to go through the mail at the standard first class postage rate.

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Have a piece of freezer paper or a Teflon sheet handy, or you’ll fuse the Fast2Fuse to your ironing board cover. Ask me how I know? 🙂

I like to take a piece of fabric for the background that is bigger than 4 x 6 and fuse it to one side of the Fast2Fuse. Make sure that the other side is on the freezer paper or Teflon sheet on your ironing board. Then trim the fabric off of the fusible. This is easier, and there is no mess on your iron if the fabric wasn’t just the exact same size as the fusible.

Then, take scraps of fabric and apply the Wonder Under or other fusible web. Cut out a heart shape, then peel off the paper. Fuse to the background fabric, still on the freezer paper or Teflon sheet.

Hearts are sewn to the backgrounds

Head to your sewing machine and use your free motion foot, and lower your feed dogs and stitch unevenly around the heart three times. I learned that I really like the uneven stitching BETTER than even stitching. But feel free to stitch evenly if you like that look better. It’s your postcard – your preference.

Time to back the postcard now. Lay out a large piece of white muslin on your ironing board. Then place the postcards with the fusible side down (right side up) on the muslin. Press enough that there is a bond. Then, turn it over and press well with a lot of steam to secure the fusible bond. Be sure to follow the instructions that came with your fusible web because instructions can vary from brand to brand.

Add some stitching around the edges to border the card

To finish the postcard, put on the regular foot and stitch about 1/4″ in from all edges one time.

Here are some of my finished Valentine Fabric Postcards:

Four finished Valentine's postcards
More finished Valentine's postcards

Ready to write a sweet note and address! Make sure the address is placed correctly on your postcards, the right half of the back of the card. Put a stamp on it and mail some love to someone!

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