Best Tools for Crochet Projects


Best Tools for Crochet Projects

Seems simple, all you need is a crochet hook and some yarn! There are so many crochet stitches to learn, where do you start? So we’ve rounded up the best tools for crochet projects, from hooks to books for basic and beyond!

Animal Friends

Animal Friends of Pica Pau: Gather All 20 Colorful Amigurumi Animal Characters are fun little crochet projects. Once you start making some amigurumi animals, you’ll get hooked – they are so cute and addictive! What if I made it a little different color scheme? Then add this to that body? This book contains lots of great ideas, tips and how-tos!

 Get hooked! Because these Clover Crochet Hooks have signature handles in vibrant colors for easy size identification. The crochet hook handle is elastomer rubber, which makes crocheting comfortable and stress free. The set includes hook sizes: B /2.25mm; C /2.75mm; D /3.25mm; E /3.50mm: F /3.75mm: G /4.00mm; 7 /4.50mm; H /5.00mm; I /5.50mm; J /6.00mm .

How To Crochet

Crochet remains extremely popular among young crafters, with more and more people taking it up. How to Crochet: With 100 Techniques and 20 Easy Projects by Mollie Makes is aimed at complete beginners, with step by step techniques and easy, fun projects for all levels. The beginner’s section starts with a run-through of the basic tools and equipment you’ll need, as well as a handy guide to choosing yarn. Once you’re ready to start, learn the best way to hold your hook, and make your first chain! Choose from a range of clear, simple projects, specially designed for modern beginners.

Mandalas to Crochet

Crocheted mandalas are having a moment! With Mandalas to Crochet: 30 Great Patterns by Haafner Linssen, you can make something beautiful in just an evening. Many crocheters make mandalas as a meditative activity, while others love them simply for the wonderful opportunities they offer for mixing colors and stitch textures. With a new take on traditional shapes, like granny squares or hexagons, these attractive crocheted circles are causing a real buzz in the crochet community.

Learn to make a variety of types of circular designs with a range of creative techniques. With full patterns and inspiring photos, a review of crochet techniques, a discussion of materials, colors, finishing techniques, and lots of project ideas including bags, shawls, blankets, and pillows, this book guarantees many hours of happy mandala-making.

42 piece set of crochet cotton

This collection of 42 pieces of colorful crochet thread is perfect for crocheting the mandalas or other light weight crochet projects.

24 hour crochet projects

24-Hour Crochet Projects by Rita Weiss includes 24 simple patterns, each of which can be finished in 24 hours or less, including garments, bags, and home accessories. Full-color photos illustrate the easy-to-follow instructions, and a helpful “Refresher Course” offers diagrams of stitches and describes gauge so you can create gifts and keepsakes in an amazingly short time!

Wooden Yarn Bowl

Keep your yarn tidy and pretty with this gorgeous wooden yarn bowl that helps keep your yarn from tangling. It comes with two wooden crochet hooks, and a lovely velvet bag to store the bowl when not in use.

set of 40 yarns

This set of yarn is perfect for when you are just starting to crochet and want a selection of colors for your projects. 40 beautiful clear and bright colors give you the rainbow of colors for a variety of projects. So you can make anything from granny squares to amigurumi animals!

Crochet to Calm

Crochet to Calm has a variety of projects that are easy to make, with meditative and repetitive stitches to help you relax while you crochet homemade accessories!

Crochet Animal Rugs

Take your crochet skills to make these adorable Crochet Animal Rugs for the favorite children in your life. Choose from an amazing elephant, a sweet giraffe, a cuddly cat, a cheeky monkey, a sneaky craft, a friendly dinosaur and a snuggly bear. Each rug has a coordinating pillow that you can crochet.

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