Wally Gator Plushie

Wally Gator Plushie

A soft and cuddly alligator? I wouldn’t try it with one I met up with in the swamp, but the Wally Gator Plushie is very user-friendly! I made him from the Alligator sewing pattern by Penguin & Fish. The instructions were in booklet form, and the  pattern pieces were printed on one sheet of paper. So nice to not have multiple sheets of paper to keep in order!

As the “swingingest alligator in the swamp”, Wally has many adventures. He really likes exploring my backyard, especially when the flowers are blooming. He thinks his camo thing is working among the leaves, but I think I can spot him.

Wally poses in the posies, showing us his good side. Isn’t he a cute fella?

Unlike his relatives in the wild, Wally dines on bugs and insects, being the mild-mannered fellow he is. He earns his keep while on bug patrol.

He can get a good chomp on! Fortunately, his soft bite is safe for humans and their pets. But like any plush toy, Wally might not be safe from your pets! Our neighbor’s dog might get the chomp on Wally, so we do not leave them unattended!

Wally’s greatest danger? His baby blues could be a choking hazard for small children. I would embroider his eyes if making him for kiddos.

After a grueling day, Wally likes to sunbathe by the pond, catching him some rays!

He visits St. Francis. After all, even an alligator needs a patron saint after a long day on bug patrol!

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