Merry May Day Baskets to Make!

Upcycled drink carrier basket

Merry May Day Baskets to Make!

May Day is sweet and charming and mischievous and light and fun! Do you live in a community that carries on the May Day tradition? If not, you can get it started! May Day is a labor holiday in many places (it has shared a date with International Workers’ Day since the 1880s), but the May Day of flowers and Maypoles is an ancient pagan northern hemisphere festival that celebrates spring. And what is a spring celebration without flowers?

I once lived in a Midwestern community that was big on May Day. Really big. I had no idea that it was so ingrained anywhere. The morning of our first May 1, our doorbell rang, and when we opened it, an anonymous little handmade basket of flowers was on our porch, but no sign of the giver. Then the doorbell rang again. More flowers. And again. Then again. So, welcome to the neighborhood – what a fun icebreaker! How can you not smile at such kindness? So I’ve been a fan of May Day ever since.

May Day baskets are usually handmade, and can be as simple as a sheet of paper rolled into a cone to hold flowers, candy or trinkets. To deliver a May basket, it’s very important to wear your track shoes because you ring the bell, then RUN! The point is to leave the gift without getting caught so the recipient has to wonder who did it. Sometimes, it’s someone you would never expect – a kid down the street, a Scout troop, a neighbor you have not yet met, a person with a twinkle in the eye who picked your house at random….

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In reminiscing about May Day baskets, I’ve come across some fun and creative ideas for making these special, anonymous gifts. Make some May Day baskets to deliver to special people. You’ll smile. Guaranteed.

Here’s a fun way to dress up plain paper cones – add a pretty paper lace doily! 22 Applegate Lane makes Paper Lace Cone Baskets then embellishes them with ribbons and a May Day poem. Sweet!

Paper lace cone baskets

Weezie from Create Whimsy is big on recycling and using budget-friendly materials. Her May Day Tin Can Basket let her deliver a bouquet on a budget. Save a few soup cans and paint them up pretty. Punch holes to attach a ribbon hanger, and your May basket is ready for delivery!

May Day tin can basket

Imagine Childhood makes a simple Paper Bag Cone Basket that can hold a variety of treats. Kraft paper will work if your local stores no longer give out brown paper bags. I love the little potted plant in the center of this picture. A gift that keeps on giving!

Paper bag cone basket

Homemade treats for May Day? Why not – as long as you’re sure the Paper Plate Cookie Basket doesn’t linger too long on the porch. Such a cute idea from It’s Always Autumn – an idea that can be used for many holidays and gifting occasions!

Paper plate cookie basket

Another paper plate basket, this one from Kiwi Crate is an easy Laced Paper Plate Basket. You add the color to a plain paper plate – it can match your flowers!

Laced paper plate basket

The kids will have a blast decorating this Paper Plate Handle Basket from Motherhood On a Dime! It couldn’t be simpler. The kids add their creative whimsy to two paper plates that connect to form the basket. Older kids can handle the cut-out themselves – but you may want to cut ahead of time for the little ones.

Paper plate handle basket

Such a pretty cone-shaped basket from Serendipity Refined! The Moss & Chicken Wire Basket is easy to make from layers. The moss is a sweet and natural partner for the flowers, and the chicken wire keeps it all together. Then a touch of lace at the top dresses it up.

Moss & chicken wire basket

Okay, this one is FAST! To make an Upcycled Drink Holder Basket, Skip to My Lou starts with one of those cardboard beverage carriers, then gives it a chance for May Day glory! So there’s no construction, just decorating. Simple dots look very spring-like and you can apply them with paint or stickers.

Upcycled drink carrier basket

Okay, it’s not a basket per se, but a May Day Basket Wallhanging is a way to give flowers that won’t wilt! The Crafty Quilter provides all of the instruction that you need to make this cute little quilt top. It’s a great way to practice piecing and appliqué skills on a small scale, and you could make just one block! How cute would that be?

Merry May Day Basket Quilt

Washi Tape Baskets

Looking for a project to use your collection of washi tape? Uncommon Goods has a perfect project for May Day! Make Washi Tape Baskets from the Recycling Bin, then you can reuse old packaging that you were going to throw away. If you start with sturdy packaging, your baskets will be sturdy, too, for delivering May Day goodies!

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Eight Great May Day Ideas
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