DIY Tin Can Flowers

Final tin can flowers with added paint from paint pens to add more interest.

DIY Tin Can Flowers

I look out the back windows of my home to a fence, where the ground is too rocky to plant a garden. I wanted something more interesting than a fence to look at from my windows. I’ve had hanging baskets in the summer time, and in the winter it is so boring and dull. I’ve seen yard art that seems to be made from tin cans and thought, what about making some tin can flowers? That should be easy, right? It really was, and fun!

Here is a picture of the two trellises full of tin can flowers! All you need are some empty (and clean) tin cans, spray paint and some acrylic paints or pens to decorate your flowers!

DIY Tin Can Flowers on trellis' against the fence

How to Make Tin Can Flowers

I bought a pair of metal cutting shears at the local hardware store — they weren’t expensive. Start with clean tin cans from canned goods. I did learn that cans from tomato products are tougher to cut than soup and other veggie cans. I like that I had a variety of sizes to start with.

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Just cut down the sides of the can from the top to the bottom, and open up the flower petals.

Cans cut and ready to be painted

Then spray paint them whatever color you want the base color!

First layer of paint on the tin can flowers

I sprayed paint both the front and the back. When dry, I choose a different color and spray the flower center. It doesn’t need to be perfect, as then I go add doodles and interest with acrylic paints and markers.

Second layer of paint, painting the centers of the flowers which are the can bottoms

Here are close-ups of finished tin can flowers. Just get your craft paints and brushes, or paint markers out and have fun decorating your flowers!

Final tin can flowers with added paint from paint pens to add more interest.

I will tell you, these DIY tin can flowers are addicting – I kept trying different size cans, different color combinations, different designs, and now have four trellises of colorful and happy tin can flowers that I see out my windows year round!

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How to Make Tin Can Flowers
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