Letters Home: Oozing Heat

Letters Home Series, Oozing Heat

Letters Home: Oozing Heat

In this letter penned by our father, he wishes his father a happy birthday and shares the adventure of visiting the hospital for a broken toe. Weezie and the girls write poems to Grandad and the girls both draw pictures as gifts. 

The quilt is inspired by the heat, with hand marbled fabrics.

Letters Home Series, Oozing Heat
Letters Home Series: Oozing Heat; 36W x 40H; Hand marbled fabrics

Birthday wishes and an almost broken toe!

May 8, 1959

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Hi Dad

Surprise! Your wanderlust son can still write a short letter to the old man. You know how I mean that expression, without any malice. I do think though that you are quite fortunate to have the beautiful green grass for your golfing. I’m sure that you would be really beat after 18 holes on this course. I know that I am. Is extremely dusty and dirty; the ground just seems to ooze heat.

Letters Home: Oozing heat DETAIL
Letters Home: Oozing Heat DETAIL, hand marbled fabrics

So much for that. Right now I’m not too sure that I really am enjoying you. I ended up doing the shopping for your birthday present. Both Weezie and I were planning to go to the bazaar this morning while the children went to Sunday school. The Nanny, no, she isn’t all right yet, was  to come in so that someone would be here when they got home. Weezie however, queered that deal really well. She proceeded to kick the metal leg of one of the tables in the living room yesterday. She claims it was an accident, but I’m not sure. I had just asked her if she wanted to finish a letter that I had started to John and Peg. To make a long story short, we feared that she had broken a toe. On Thursday afternoon it is difficult to get a doctor, but one came finally, looked at the toe and said it was not bad. After a long discussion an ambulance was called to take her to the hospital for x-ray, etc. Verdict is no broken toe, just a bad contusion. It is still quite painful, and she can’t do much walking around, that’s my commission. I just hope that you are pleased with this example of local art as we are. The article is being made, and we’ll be able to send it next week.

While I’m thinking of it. A couple is leaving here on long leave a week from Sunday and have offered to take any small packages back to the States for us. The gifts that we have collected for you and mother, as well as the roll of film, will be on their way back. So, one of  these days you may get a package in the mail from New Jersey. Concerning the film, please just have it developed and keep it there for us. It is Kodachrome, and the pictures that we took on route from Philadelphia through Amsterdam. Just having them in order will be sufficient for a letter recognition. By all means, do not have prints made, as they are too expensive. Future rolls of film we are going to try to have developed in London and returned here for perusal and recording. After we’ve gone over them, we send them back in the company of someone else.

This letter should really be quite a treat. A separate little note from each member of the family. Believe me, each offering is the result of individual effort. I keep getting varying definitions from Lynn as to the content of her note, but that is not too unusual. She keeps changing her mind with the frequency attached to any member of her sex. You know what I mean. We all sincerely hope that you have a very pleasant birthday. Even if we must realize that you are ever more rapidly reaching that point in your life where you will be forced to slow down. I know that you are not looking forward to any change, but cannot help but feel that perhaps you should do just a little of it now so that you can begin to savor the benefits later. Again, all of our love and best wishes to you and mother. May we again be together to celebrate future birthdays with both of you.

Love from all,


To Grandad

Don’t be sad
Don’t be bad 
Just be glad 

Just be gay
As you may
On your birthday.

Don’t be mad
By Gad 
It’s a fad

Make some hay
As they say
On your birthday.

You’re not a cad
And not a lad
So be glad 

The kids will play 
Atop your bay
On your birthday.

Well it does Rhyme. Herb refuses to have his name signed to this so this is from Weezie

Don’t forget the drinks at 9

Love you,


To Granddad
Don’t be sad 
Just be glad 

That your birthday has come

May it be a happy day
And lots of presents every day way 

Don’t be sad
Just be glad

Remember grandad
Don’t be sad
Just be glad 



(Two pages of drawings, one from Bobbie & one from Lynn)

Letters Home is a collection of letters written by our Mother (mostly) and our Father ( sometimes), that chronicles their life overseas, with two, then three, then four young girls.  The letters were written to their mothers and are full of daily life, unique challenges, and humor. As we live in uncertain and challenging times, it seems fitting to share.

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