How to Stamp on Fabric

How to Stamp on Fabric

Make your own fabric designs by using a stamp on fabric with textile paints. You can use any type of stamp — either purchased or one you make yourself. Here is how to stamp on fabric.

Stamping on fabric is one of many techniques to embellish the surface of your fabric, adding your personal mark to your projects. I wanted flies on fabric for a quilt in our Letters Home series, where my mother talks about how the flies were terrible. I couldn’t find a good fly stamp, so made my own, to make my own fabric.

How to Stamp on Fabric

How to Stamp on Fabric

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Make your own fabric designs with a stamp and textile paints!

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  • Textile paint
  • Fabric


  • Brayer
  • Gelli plate
  • Stamp
  • Painters tape


  1. Gather your supplies for stamping your fabric.
  2. Using painters tape, carefully tape your base fabric to your surface. I used a vinyl tablecloth to protect my table from the paint.
  3. Pour about 1 teaspoon of textile paint onto your Gelli plate. Use the brayer to make a very think layer of paint on the Gelli plate. Using a Gelli plate make a cushioned surface for the paint, making it easy to get an even coat of paint on your stamp.
  4. Gently press your stamp onto the paint, and then gently press the stamp onto your fabric.
  5. Continue stamping until you are satisfied with your new fabric design.
  6. Allow the paint to dry. Once it is dry, heat set your fabric with your iron. Now your new fabric design is ready to use in a project!Heat setting the stamped flies

Tips for stamping on fabric:

  • Prepare your fabric by washing and drying to remove any coatings that might interfere with the paint
  • Use a brayer to spread your textile paint very thin on a soft surface, like a Gelli plate to evenly coat the paint on your stamp.
  • Use painters tape to tape your fabric to a softer surface. I use a vinyl tablecloth over a cardboard cutting board. This protects my table from any spills or if the paint gets too thick and bleeds through your fabric. And the thick cardboard has a little give to make a nice impression.
  • As you stamp, continue to use your brayer and spread the paint to be stamped very thin on your Gelli plate. If needed, add a little more paint.
  • You can use acrylic paints, but sometimes they don’t hold up as well as textile paints. Also, you can use a permanent ink stamp pad. They are a lot more expensive and don’t have much ink, if you plan on embellishing a large piece of fabric.

Here are my flies, now with wings. I fused metallic sheer fabric to each stamped fly to give them wings.

How to stamp on fabric: Finished flies ready to be added to an art quilt

Try your hand to stamp on fabric – see how you can customize your fabric for your next project!

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