How to Make Blossom Bins

Finished bins

How to Make Blossom Bins

I love to embellish my pieces with stitching and beads. All of those threads and bead tubes, the needles and thimble jumble up on a tray. Cute little Blossom Bins organize your supplies and look great at the same time — AND they are super easy to make.

I’ve designed the Blossom Bin pattern in three sizes – from tiny to medium and large. The tiny is perfect for making sure you don’t lose your favorite thimble, or turn it into a cute little pin cushion (directions below).

These Blossom Bins are made with Kraft-Tex. To learn more about Kraft-Tex, read through our article that covers everything you’d like to know about Kraft-Tex. It’s referred to as ‘paper fabric’.

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I wanted to make the plain Kraft-Tex into polka dots to make them more fun. Kraft-Tex takes to surface design really well.

How to stamp on Kraft-Tex

You can print and stamp Kraft-Tex with either textile or acrylic paints. I chose to use pencil eraser to stamp little dots all over the piece. I used Kraft-Tex Hand-dyed and Pre-washed in Linen color.

Painting polka dots on Kraft-Tex

With a Gelli plate and brayer to lay down a light layer of paint, you can then stamp on your textile.

Stamping dots with a pencil
Making marks with pencil erasers

Here is the finished piece of Kraft-Tex with polka dots all over.

Finished Kraft-Tex with polka dots

Now we are ready to make the Blossom Bins.

How to Make Blossom Bins

Lay out the pattern and trace the blossoms. I use a Frixiron pen. Test it out on an edge and make sure that when you take it to the heat the marks disappear. If you are using Kraft-Tex, don’t use pins – they will make holes in the product.

Trace the pattern

Finger press the petals to the center to form the bottom. It’s easier to do it now.

Finger press the petals to form a base

Now it is time to go to your sewing machine. Sew each of the petals together with a narrow topstitch.

Stitch the petals together to form the bin

Do this with all of your bins. You may need to finger press the bottoms a little bit more.

Group picture of finished bins

The straight sided blossom bins were sewn up about 3/4 of the petal. I sewed the more open bins only 1/2″ and then curled the edges manually by rolling the Kraft-Tex.

Finished bins

Here is a good picture of the two styles and how they are a bit different based on how long you stitch the petals together, and if you finger curl the petals. I used the polka dot on the outside of the straighter Blossom bin and on the inside of the second version with curled petals.

The two styles of Blossom Bin

BONUS: Make a Blossom Bin Pin Cushion

Find a bottle cap that fits inside the Tiny Blossom Bin.

Find a bottle cap that fits in the bottom of the blossom

Take your tiny Blossom Bin pattern and cut a circle about 1/2″ larger than the pattern in a fabric for the center of your pin cushion.

Cut a piece of fabric about 1/2 larger than the pattern piece

Take a thread and do a running stitch around the edge of the circle.

Run a stitch around the edge of the circle

Fill the bottle cap with cotton or ground nut shells and turn upside down into the circle of fabric.

Pull the thread to gather around the cap

Pull the gathering threads around the cap and tie off the threads to secure.

All gathered up and ready to put in the blossom bin

Place in the tiny Blossom Bin and have a cute little pin cushion for your stitching!

Finished pin cushion

Now – time to stitch!

Finished pin cushion

Now it’s time to put them all on a tray, go outside and enjoy listening to the birds and do some hand stitching!

Ready for some stitching outside
Blossom Bins
Finished blossom bins
Finished blossom bins
Finished blossom bins
Finished blossom bin
Finished bins

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How to Make Blossom Bins
How to Make Blossom Bins
How to Make Blossom Bins
How to Make Blossom Bins
How to Make Blossom Bins
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