How to Make a Pumpkin with Kraft-tex

Finished Kraft-tex pumpkin on mantel

How to Make a Pumpkin with Kraft-tex

Kraft-tex is a durable fabric-like textile made from paper. I thought it might be great to make a decorator pumpkin to add to my fall decorations. Here is how to make a pumpkin with Kraft-tex.

I used the pattern for the Crazy Quilted Pumpkin.

Finished Kraft-tex pumpkin

How to Make a Pumpkin with Kraft-tex

Make a pumpkin with Kraft-tex! This durable material is sturdy enough to make a pumpkin that stands up with little stuffing. Add a Kraft-tex pumpkin to your fall decorations!

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  • One (1) package Tangerine Kraft-tex
  • Scrap of green Kraft-tex
  • Thread
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Scrap of fusible web


  • Sewing machine
  • Long doll needle
  • Frixion pen
  • Teflon ironing sheet
  • Iron


  1. Print pattern for the pumpkin, see link and download button above.Pumpkin pattern
  2. Trace the pumpkin section piece on a larger piece of paper so it is one piece. It is difficult to cut Kraft-tex on the fold. Traced pumpkin pattern pieces
  3. Cut out the pattern pieces and trace them onto the Kraft-tex using a Frixion pen. Test the pen on a corner of a scrap before using. With a Frixion pen, touch the material with a hot iron and it usually disappears. This feature makes it perfect for tracing patterns.Traced pattern pieces on Kraft-tex
  4. Cut out all of the pumpkin pieces. All of the pieces cut out
  5. Take two pumpkin wedges and sew them together. Sew two pumpkin pieces together
  6. Add a third piece, so that you will end up with half of the pumpkin sewn together.Sewing a third pumpkin piece
  7. Sew the other three pieces together, so you now have two pumpkin halves. NOTE: Seams will be on the outside of the pumpkin.Two finished pumpkin halves
  8. Make the stem. Sew the two stem pieces together. Beginning to topstitch the stem pieces
  9. Make sure to leave the bottom of the stem open.Topstitch the stem pieces together
  10. Add a little stuffing to the stem to give it dimension. Add a little stuffing to the stem
  11. Put the two pumpkin halves together and sew one of the seams from top to bottom. Sewing the two halves together
  12. Sew a partial seam for the other open side. Leave at least 4" open to stuff the pumpkin.Leaving an opening to fill the pumpkin
  13. Now it is time to add the stem. Carefully slide the bottom of the stem over the top of the pumpkin where all of the seams come together. Topstitch the stem bottom, being carefully to make sure you catch all of the pumpkin seam tops. Topstitching the stem to the pumpkin
  14. Here is the finished stem sewn to the pumpkin. The finished stem on the pumpkin
  15. Next, fill the pumpkin so that it has enough filling to keep it inflated. You don't need to stuff it hard, as the stiffness of the Kraft-tex keeps the pumpkin inflated.Stuffing the pumpkin from the opening
  16. Sew the gap closed on the last seam of the pumpkin. NOTE: This is tricky. The Kraft-tex is stiff and the pumpkin is too large to fit under your machine. You need to really squish the pumpkin down and sew slow to get an even seam. This is one reason why you don't want to overstuff in step 15.Sewing the last seam closed
  17. Pumpkins usually aren't perfectly round, but seem to dip on the top near the stem. Use a long doll needle and go from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom. It is hard to get the needle to go through the Kraft-tex straight, and if the bottom is a little off center, no one will notice because we are going to cover it up!
  18. Make a knot in your thread, then take a stitch and loop your needle through the knot. When you pull hard on the thread, just a knot on the Kraft-tex doesn't hold and pops through the Kraft-tex. Ask my how I know! 🙂 Knotting the thread with a loop
  19. Then, take your long doll needle and put it through the Kraft-tex near the stem and squish the pumpkin until it comes out the bottom. Keep squishing to get the pumpkin the shape you want, and then knot the thread. Long doll needle to bring in pumpkin
  20. Here is what the bottom of your pumpkin might look like. Pumpkin bottom with all seams sewn
  21. Cut a piece of double sided fusible web about 1/8" smaller than the circle to finish the bottom. Circle of fusible a bit narrower than the Kraft-tex circle
  22. Using a teflon ironing sheet, turn it upside down and press the fusible to the Kraft-tex.Fusible on pumpkin bottom
  23. Turn the pumpkin with the bottom up on your ironing board. Place the circle with fusible over the bottom and press. You might need to press several times, to get a good fuse. Let it cool.Finished bottom of pumpkin
  24. Enjoy your new Kraft-tex pumpkin!Finished Kraft-tex pumpkin on mantel

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