How to Make a Laptop Case with Kraft-tex

Kraft-tex computer case final 3

How to Make a Laptop Case with Kraft-tex

Kraft-tex is such a versatile material – durable like leather and sews like fabric. I needed a protective case for my laptop to keep it free from scratches and dirt. Kraft-tex is the perfect material for a quick and easy project, and a durable laptop case.

Kraft-tex computer case final 1
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How to Make a Laptop Case with Kraft-tex


  • One (1) package Kraft-tex; I used Blue Iris
  • One (1) snap; I used KAMsnaps
  • Thread


  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • KAMsnap tool
  • Quilt Wonder Clips
  • Frixion pens


  1. Start by laying out your laptop on the Kraft-tex to determine how wide to cut the Kraft-tex. My computer is 14" wide, so I cut the Kraft-tex 16" wide, to allow for 1" on either side.Measuring the Kraft-tex
  2. Fold up the bottom edge so that about 1" of your laptop will show. This will make it easier to place and remove your computer from the case. Clip the side seams. Do not use pins, as they will leave holes in the material.Both sides clipped and ready for sewing
  3. Sew the sides with a 1/4" seam allowance. Sewing the side seams for the computer case
  4. To make the top flap, fold down about 3" from the top and clip. Sew these seams with a 1/4" seam allowance.Making the inside pocket
  5. Sew a seam to form a little pocket for your business cards.Inside pocket for business cards
  6. Mark the center of the flap for the first snap placement. I like to use a Frixion pen. Always test on a scrap of the material you are using. They generally disappear with heat. A little zap of the iron and your marks are gone! Marking for the first half of the snap
  7. Secure the first half of the snap, per the directions. I love the KAMsnaps - they are so easy to attach. Here is the first snap on the flap. First half of the snap is complete
  8. Put your laptop in the case and fold over the flap to mark the placement for the second half of the snap. Again, use the Frixion pen. Gently lift the flap and mark exactly where the second half of the snap should be -- you only get one chance to make a hole in the fabric. 🙂 Marking for the second half of the snap
  9. To add the second half, you have to gather the Kraft-tex a bit to fit in the neck of the snap tool. Close-up of adding the snap
  10. Here is a close-up of putting the second half of the snap on the laptop case. Adding the snap to the computer case
  11. Here is the inside of the finished laptop case made with Kraft-tex. Kraft-tex computer case inside final
  12. And, the finished laptop case - ready to protect my laptop from scratches and dirt! Kraft-tex computer case final 3

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