Double Threaded Running Stitch

Double threaded running stitch sampler

Double Threaded Running Stitch

The double threaded running stitch starts with the basic running stitch and then is laced one direction with either the same or contrasting thread, and then laced the opposite direction to form loops through the running stitches.

This is a great stitch for outlines or embellishments, and is perfect for straight or curved lines. And, in the sample below, it can be used as a background fill with diagonal or straight lines that are looped with same or contrasting color threads. Switch up the weights of the threads for different looks and textures.

How to embroidery the double threaded running stitch

Start by stitching a basic running stitch. Here I embroidered a diagonal grid to thread or lace.

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Running stitch ready to be threaded

Then, lace the stitches one direction, up from the bottom, and down the next stitch, like the laced running stitch.

Lace the running stitch one direction

When you get to the end of the row, turn your work around and lace the opposite direction, forming loops around your running stitches.

One row completed

Continue looping and lacing through the running stitches until they are all looped! Here is a finished 4″ sample of the stitch.

Finished sample of the double threaded running stitch

Here is another sampler of this stitch:

Double threaded running stitch sampler

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