Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Embellish textiles, make memorable gifts and home décor with colorful cross stitch. Many patterns are available or you can design your own!

Cross stitch is a embroidery technique where stitched X’s create designs on textiles. It can be stitched with a pattern printed on the fabric, or counted cross stitch is done on special Aida fabric. It’s an easy way to embellish and create designs, and is perfect for beginners.

All you need to get started is some fabric, needle and embroidery floss. It’s easier to keep your tension and design flat if you use a hoop when cross stitching.


Counted cross stitch is a perfect hand project when watching movies and shows. Here are some of the projects by Katie Smith. Anyone that knows her knows she's a HUGE fan...

I like to create counted cross stitch baby gift for family and close friends, I've made many and the hardest part is counting out the spaces! I start by writing it...