Wise Men Outfits & Hat

The three wise men in their outfits and hats

Wise Men Outfits & Hat

I had so much fun making costumes for these 3 men who acted as the Three Wise Men at a Christmas program at Marbridge. They wanted the costumes to be shiny and bright, and they were! And, I think I’ll have glitter in my house for the next five years! Ha! Here is my story about the Wise Men Outfits & Hat.

It was fun to take the basic pattern and add trims and decorations to make them even shinier! On the gold jacket, I added gold garland; to the blue gown I added some sequin trim, beads and shiny snowflakes. On the glittery jacket, I trimmed it with some of the green velvet-like fabric from the other gown. That fabric was really rough, and I wanted the edges to be nice and soft. I added some trims to the necks of the green and red gowns.

They had found pictures for the head pieces they wanted. I luckily found the perfect turban at a store for the red outfit. The blue was easy, but how to make that hat for the wise man in green and gold? That was the fun puzzle!

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I started by cutting a strip of fabric the length of the circumference of his head plus about 2″. Then I sewed down one side to make a long tube and turned it right side out. I tacked a piece of elastic that was about 1/2 less than the circumference of his head at each end of the tube, on the inside. This is so the hat would fit well, and not fall off or be too tight. I think stuffed the tube with polyfill to make it nice and round.

Now, how to make the top of the hat? And make it full!

I cut 4 triangles out with the bottom edge 2x the circumference of the hat. Simply drawing it out on paper was easier than trying to do the math! I cut out a muslin lining and the hat from the pretty brocade fabric I found in my stash.

Then I sewed them together separately for the muslin and the brocade. Here are the Wise Men in their outfits, and the hat!

The three wise men in their outfits and hats
The Three Wise Men

Here is the muslin lining sewn together for the top of the hat.

The muslin sewn together for the top of the hat

And, the brocade sewn together.

The brocade sewn together

I left part of one seam open in the muslin so I could turn the top of the hat right side out. Then I sewed the brocade and muslin together around the outside edge, to finish it off, and then turned it right side out and pressed.

The two layers sewn together wrong sides out with a opening to turn right side out and press

I hand sewed the hat top to the polyfilled band I had already made. I did add some extra bling and gold trim around the band before sewing the top to the hat. Here is the finished hat!

I hand sewed the polyfilled band around the bottom of the hat

And, another pic of the finished Wise Man hat.

The finished wise man hat!

Here is the entire main cast. I ended up making the King and his son’s outfits, too.  They are the two on the far left. And, the three Wise Men on the far right. It was so much fun to help out for such an awesome program! It was fun to make the Wise Men Outfits and Hat for this special event!

The entire cast, include the wise men

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