Swweeet Amigurumi Crochet Cupcake, Donut & More

Sweet and Tasty Treats

Swweeet Amigurumi Crochet Cupcake, Donut & More

Sweet and Tasty Treats

I’ve tried to crochet before, but never been very successful. My stitches weren’t quite right and I wasn’t happy with my work. When I was asked if I’d like to test an amigurumi crochet kit, I thought this was the time that I would sit and try to really figure this out — so, I said yes! The first kit I tested was the Crochet Characters Sweet & Tasty Treats by Kristen Rask. The kit came with everything to make the amigurumi crochet cupcake and donut.

Note: As I was thinking how to take a picture of my new creations, I realized I had this cupcake painting hanging in my kitchen! What a perfect background for my cupcake and donut! 

If you aren’t familiar with amigurumi, it is the Japanese word for knitted or crocheted stuff animals. Generally, they are cute and little, and have personalities with added eyes and mouths. I thought this would be a perfect project for me to learn to crochet.

Overall, the directions in the kit are pretty easy to follow. These aren’t made for real beginners to the world of crafting and creating, but certainly don’t need to be an expert crocheter. I struggled a little bit at the beginning, just getting started, and needed to read and re-read the directions for the crochet stitches at the beginning of the book. By the time I got to the donut, no more reading needed! I had it figured out!

I really liked that the kit comes with everything you need for two of the twelve projects included in the book. Also, the two projects had the same basic start with a chain loop and single crochet stitch, but each had some different things I learned along the way.

Amigurumi Cupcake

The cupcake is made from four different pieces you crochet – the cupcake, the frosting, the glaze with a swirl, and the berry on top. I started with the cupcake, and my stitches aren’t perfect! It was a fun project to crochet and then put together.

Amigurumi Cupcake from the top

Here is a picture from the top.

Amigurumi donut

Then I went to make the donut. I’m not sure if it is really an easier pattern, or if I got comfortable with crochet – it was a quick and easy project to make and I’m so happy with the finished piece! So, cute! Seriously, the donut took about 3 hours to make – an afternoon project!

There are so many other cute crochet patterns in this book, a trip to a yarn store might be in my future! This would be a perfect gift for someone who wants to try to crochet, or if you are looking for some great cute little crochet projects!

The donut and cupcake crochet patterns were designed by Holly Coleman, who has a shop on Etsy, if you’d rather just buy some cute amigurumi!

Crochet Characters Sweet & Tasty Treats

I love learning new things, and I admire crochet projects, but my crochet project attempts never looked right. When asked if I would try some of the Crochet Characters kits, I thought, sure, maybe I’ll learn more about crochet! I received several to try, and love each one of them! They make the cutest little arugami crochet projects!

The next kit I tried has patterns for 12 wild & wooly animals, and all of the supplies to make two of them. I made the cute little fox first. This pattern taught me how to make different pieces and then sew them together with the yarn. He is a cute little guy with a big white-tipped tail!

Crochet Fox

Here is another one of the kits, the cute and cuddly animals that also has 12 patterns in the book, and all of the supplies to make two of them. With this kit, I made the adorable goldfish!

Crochet Goldfish

With this pattern, I loved learning how to decrease and increase to make the shapes for the lips, fish body and tail. I crocheted the side and bottom fins separately and added them to the fish, then added the top fin.

What I love about these Crochet Character kits is how each project teaches me some new technique. I love the way that they have great directions for crochet stitches and techniques, and they have all of the supplies you need for two of the projects. Each project takes only a few hours, so they give immediate gratification! And, they are darn cute!

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