DIY Reversible Snap On Dog Scarf

Lucy sporting her reversible snap on dog scarf

DIY Reversible Snap On Dog Scarf

Lucy is decked out for Valentine’s Day in her reversible snap on dog scarf!

To make a snap on dog scarf, measure around your dog’s neck circumference — not too snug! Add about 4″ to that for the length of the scarf. Cut two pieces of fabrics that length and, depending on the size of the dog, wide enough that it will show. Lucy is a big girl, so I cut them 22″ x 6″. Her neck circumference is 18″. Here are the fabrics I picked – I like picking ones that have good contrast for a reversible scarf.

Fabric for the DIY Dog Scarf

Sew the right sides together down one long side, one end and back up the other side. Leave one end open for turning. Turn it right side out, and press well.

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Turning the fabric right side out

Press the open end in about 1/2″.

Press the open end in about 1/2"

Topstitch the opening closed. Then, if you’d like, you can topstitch around the entire scarf.

Topstitch the opening closed

Make a little tuck on both ends to give the scarf some dimension on the dogs neck. I just tucked and topstitched. Then, add a snap to make it easy to put on the dog! No bulky ties, or trying to slip over their head. I used the KAMSnap KX8J tool to apply the snap. So quick and easy! It’s hard to see the snap, but it is there. And, you can see the tucks I made.

Snap closure with KAMSnaps on the dog scarf

Here is the finished scarf on Lucy! She wears kerchief style scarves a lot, but they get in the water bowl and food. This snap on dog scarf makes her festive, but doesn’t hang down.

Lucy sporting her reversible snap on dog scarf

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