How To Make A Book Cover With Pen Quiver

Finished Kraft-Tex composition book cover with pen quiver

How To Make A Book Cover With Pen Quiver

Those of you who know me well know that I balance a lot of different things in my life — full-time job that is busy, managing Create Whimsy (my passion project) and making time to create — whether it is making my own clothes, art quilts, home dec or small creative projects to keep me busy. I use journals to keep notes and write my to-do lists. And, I like to use different color pens for my to-do list, so it is clear what needs to be done for the segments of my life. Here is how to make a composition book cover with pen quiver, to keep all of my colored pens close at hand!

For this project I used Kraft-Tex, a paper product that looks similar to leather but cuts, sews and washes like fabric. Learn all about working with Kraft-Tex in this article on Create Whimsy.

Start by laying your composition book open on your Kraft-Tex (or any other fabric that doesn’t ravel, like felt OR a piece of fabric where you finish the edges).

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Measure your composition book on the KraftTex

The width of Kraft-Tex allows about 1-1/2″ on each side to make flaps to hold the notebook in the cover. Cut the fabric about 1/2″ more than the height of the book so you will have enough fabric for seam allowance. This book is 11″ high, so I cut the piece 11-1/2″.

Kraft-Tex cut out for book cover

Next, sew the background of the quiver to the front of the book. Make sure to remember that about 1-1/2″ at each end will be folded to the inside. Use quilt clips to hold the fabric in place. Also, it is a little longer than needed, but I trimmed it up later. (NOTE: Don’t use pins on Kraft-Tex – they leave holes, just like on leather.)

I had this scrap of an old damask linen napkin that I had painted with Dy-na-flo paints and then did some surface design with stamps. I thought it was perfect to make the pen quiver on this green Kraft-Tex. So I cut it 3-1/2″ wide by 12″ (so I have extra and can trim it up later).

Use clips to hold the back of the pen quiver to the Kraft-Tex

Topstitch the background of the pen quiver to the Kraft-Tex. I used my 1/4″ foot to make the line nice and straight.

Background of pen quiver is sewn to Kraft-Tex

Next, audition the fabric for the pockets for the pens. I make sure that the pen pockets are the right depth so that my pens I will fit.

Lay out your pens and the fabric you will use for making the pen pockets

Trim the bottom to a little longer than you need. Also, you’ll see the pocket is about 1/4″ wider than the quiver background fabric. That will give each pocket a little ease so the pens will fit in easily.

Stitch both edges to the background, close to the edge. You’ll have excess fabric in the middle — it doesn’t lie flat.

I measured from stitching line to stitching line then divided by 3. I had exactly 3″, so put a pin in ONLY the fabric at 1″ intervals. The pins will guide sewing the channels for the pens.

Pin through the fabric only to mark stitching lines

Here I am sewing the channels for the pens. You’ll see they don’t lay flat against the background.

Stitch the channels for the pens

Next, wrap the book cover around your composition book, then pull it tight. Use quilt clips to hold the fold – this creates the final fold lines to make the flaps.

Gently remove the composition book; put the clips back on exactly where they were when the book was inside the cover.

Wrap the Kraft-Tex around the composition book and use your clips to hold it tight

Topstitch top and bottom 1/4″ from the edge. Again, I like to use my 1/4″ quilting foot for a nice straight line. This secures the flaps to the inside and finishes the bottom of the pen quiver.

Stitch 1/4" both top and bottom to secure the flaps

Trim the edges of the pen quiver fabrics so they are even with the Kraft-Tex.

Trimming up the bottom of the pen quiver to be even with the Kraft-Tex

Insert your composition book, then enjoy your new composition book cover with pen quiver!

Finished Kraft-Tex composition book cover with pen quiver
Another image of the finished composition book cover

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