How to Make Fabric Fortune Cookies

Fabric Fortune Cookies with the fortunes all printed out

How to Make Fabric Fortune Cookies

For Fortune Cookie Day, I thought I’d make fabric ones filled with fortunes. There are several different ways to make them, from gluing wire, to using fabric stiffener, and thick interfacing and sewing. I decided to use the ‘glue & wire’ method for these Fabric Fortune Cookies.

To make Fabric Fortune Cookies, you’ll need:

  • 2 fabrics
  • Double sided fusible web (I used Wonder Under)
  • Covered wire

I picked two pieces of gorgeous Judy Robertson hand dyed fabric from my stash.

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Looked around the studio for something round, and used a ribbon spool to mark circles on my fabric. You’ll want a circle that is about 3 – 4″ in diameter

Using a ribbon spool as a circle pattern for the fortune cookies

I drew 10 circles on one of the fabrics, then cut the same size out of the 2nd fabric. No need to mark both fabrics, as we’ll fuse them together.

The fabrics I choose for the two sides of the fabric fortune cookies

Iron the double sided fusible web to the wrong side of one of the fabrics according to the manufacturers directions.

Double sided interfacing fused to one fabric

Then, fuse the other fabric to it. Cut out the circles that you marked. I found this cool craft pad at the local dollar store and it is perfect to protect my table from any wandering glue!

I cut 10 pieces of wire that are about 1/4″ smaller than the diameter of the circles. This way, the wire won’t stick out.

All cut out and ready for some wire

Take a good fabric glue, and run a line of glue along the diameter of the wrong side of the circle. This will be the inside of the fortune cookie.

strip of glue down the center of the circle

Lay your piece of covered wire in the line of glue. And let it dry.  It took a few hours for my glue to dry.

Placing the paper wrapped wire on the glue

When the glue is dry, fold the circle of fabric in half, with the wire in the middle.

When the glue is dry, gently shape into a fortune cookie shape

Gently bend the wire with your finger to shape it into a fortune cookie.  The nice part with wire, is you can try, try again! It took me a few tries to get just the fold I wanted in the wire.

Filling the cookies with fortunes

Here are my 10 fabric fortune cookies and the fortunes I printed out. You can find all kinds of sources online for fortunes, or make your own!

Fabric Fortune Cookies with the fortunes all printed out

My bowl of fabric fortune cookies!

Finished bowl full of Fabric Fortune Cookies

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