Bend, twist, wrap and pound gold, silver, copper or craft wire to take center stage or showcase special beads.

Wire wrapping is a technique for embellishing rocks, stones or other elements with wires of different sizes and composition. It is one of the oldest techniques for making handmade jewelry. This jewelry making technique only uses wire, no soldering or heating of the wire.

An important element to most wire wrapping is a loop made in part of the wire that is then wrapped with a smaller gauge wire. Gauge refers to the diameter of the wire. The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire.

It’s easy to make a wire wrapped bangle with a thick wire that is attached for the bangle by wrapped smaller diameter wires. Use different wires for different textures and designs. Add some loops to make your design more intricate!

Wire wrapping is a great starter project because it doesn’t take much to get going. All you need are some stones, wire and a few tools. You’ll need a flush cutter (and don’t skimp on this – it is worth paying a little more for one that will cut your thicker wires nice and straight), round nose pliers, bent nose pliers and flat nose pliers. There are a lot of other great tools that can make it easier, but you can get started with just these!

Wire wrapping dates back to thousands of years BC, with old Roman jewelry showing wiring wrapped loops. Soldering didn’t exist. Wire wrapping continues to be a popular form of jewelry making because it is doesn’t take a lot of expensive tools and supplies, and it is so beautiful!

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