Create Whimsy shares the stories of makers to inspire everyday creativity.

Our approach to content inspires creativity in several formats. Interviews of makers share insights into their creative processes, give us sneak peeks into their studios and share some of the products that enhance their work. Curated content and guest posts share details into a specific process, technique or project to inspire our audience.

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How to Participate on Create Whimsy

Spotlight Interview

Guest Post

Interested in a Create Whimsy interview?

Our process and focus lean towards Mixed Media, Fiber and Textile makers and artists, but we welcome other art forms. What inspires makers of all mediums is interesting and insightful.

We do the entire process via email, so it is easy for you to answer questions when the time is right for you.

Send us an email at [email protected] to let us know your interest in an interview on Create Whimsy. Please include links to your website and social media accounts. Include why you want to do an interview (example: about to publish a new book, want to share your work with a broader audience).

If your work is a good fit for Create Whimsy, we’ll develop custom questions to connect you with our audience. When we post the interview, we send you a link to make sure everything looks great to you and the interview appropriately represents you and your work.

Once we receive your approval, we add the interview to our social media schedule and share with our audience. They love reading the stories of other makers!

Interested in writing a guest post (or more) on Create Whimsy?

Successful guest posts share either a special technique or works that that inspire someone starting their creative journey. The story behind your process and the project are key elements.

Send us an email at [email protected] with your pitch. Please include links to your website and social media accounts. Tell us why you’d like to guest post on Create Whimsy.

We’ll take a look at your work, consider your idea(s) and get back to you. Please make sure that your pitch provides fresh content for the site and is appropriate for our audience.


Take the time to review the site and be familiar with the types of content, making sure that your suggestions are unique.

We only accept original content with original images. We do link back to your site, and will promote the content with our audience on social media.

Have other ideas of things that you’d like to learn about in the world of making? Let us know! We love being inspired by other makers and sharing stories with our audience.