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Create Whimsy shares the stories of makers and their work, inspiring everyday creativity. We would love to share your story and share about the things you make. Looking for a place to guest post? As long as the content is relevant to our site, we’d love to have you join our growing group of contributors on Create Whimsy!


Here are some of our contributors, and you can see the types of content they share with our audience. We love to hear the story about your creations – what inspired you? What did you learn – either on purpose or by a mishap? How did you do the project? You don’t need to share all of your secrets, but share some of your ideas.


We love to promote the stories from our contributors in our newsletters and on social media. We’ll let you know when we promote your story, so you can share with your audience.


Send us your idea to We’ll work with you on the details before you get writing, so that we are all aligned.


Here is what we’d like:

  • Original story and content focused on creating — sewing, knitting, crochet, jewelry, beading, wirework, woodworking, painting, home dec, quilts, and more. If it is something you made, we’d probably be interested!
  • At least 300 words. We will edit to be consistent with our voice, and appropriate for our audience.
  • Original photography – make sure it’s yours, and by sharing with us, your consent that we can promote your story to our audiences.
  • Where would you like the links to go? Your site? Your Etsy shop? Other? We want to honor the makers and make sure you get the credit!
  • A picture of you, and we’ll send you some questions so we can do a little bio on the site.


Here’s what we do:

  • Promote your stories on social media
  • Include in relevant newsletters to our mailing list
  • Share your amazing stories with our audience with on site content linking, and inclusion in relevant categories and promoted on the homepage, as relevant!


Interested? Email us at and tell us a little more about what you’d like contribute!


Are you looking for guest posts on your site in the art, craft, sewing, quilting, beading world? Reach out to us, we are happy to write a guest post on your site, too!