Weavings of Life

Weavings of life

Weavings of Life

Weaving: the craft or action of forming fabric by interlacing threads.

Have you ever noticed how your own life is a lot like a weaving? There are the warp and weft that give structure and boundaries. But it is the people and experiences that make the fabric of your life.

Sometimes you just go through life with certainty and routine. Then suddenly events and messages begin to speak to you that something is about to, or needs to, change. That has been my past few months. I can tell I’m about to embark on a new journey in life. I see the current structures and boundaries shifting. So it’s time to plan out the next weaving, laying down the warp and weft and let serendipity happen along the way.

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Cameron Mason Quote

Each and every one of the interviews we do on Create Whimsy speaks to me in some way with something inspiring or something I want to try. This quote from Cameron Mason really spoke to me.

Cameron reminds us that we need to invest in our own creativity. Two opportunities came my way, and instead of saying ‘I’ll do that later’, I actually signed up. I believe this was a touch of serendipity.

I saw a post about an exhibit with the art of Bumin Kim at Women and their Work in Austin. And, she was offering a workshop! So I signed up — it was yesterday. Bumin’s work is amazing. Her exhibit, Walk the Sky, uses different threads and weaving techniques to make fiber art that pops from the walls.

From her artist statement, Kim explores the nature of line, and the potential held therein, to push the boundaries between the two-dimensional surface and three-dimensional space. Thread and string are synonymous with the actions of weaving and stitching, both for utilitarian purposes, and to serve as metaphor, for the joining of two separate entities with efforts to repair what once was, or with the intent of becoming something other, whole and new.

Bumin Kim at her exhibit in Austin

In the workshop, we took fabric and cut it into small strips. Then we glued the strips to a board to simulate the weavings. Here is a small piece I made in the workshop. Even though I’ve used a variety of fabric weaving techniques in my work over the years, I know there will be more in upcoming art.

Weavings of life

Just over a month ago I was browsing through some emails and rediscovered Jane Dunnewold. I’d bought some of her books, browsed through them but never ‘done the work’. Many of my friends have taken her classes over the years. They shared the amazing experiences they had both with personal and artistic growth. It wasn’t my time, until now. So I signed up for her online class, Creative Strength Training.

The exercises give me permission to take time to play and delve into who I am, as a person, mom, wife, co-worker and artist. Helping me dig deep and explore the question ‘What’s next?’.

Handmade journal

So I’ve taken the time to just play. To paint fabric for no purpose, other than to just explore the colors, texture and surface design. I’ve just picked up fabric pieces and stitched using stitch meditation. Then one of the pieces became a journal for the class.

The events that crossed my life in the past month were Cameron’s quote really speaking to me to take the time to cultivate my personal creativity, then signing up for both Jane’s class and Bumin’s workshop. These are helping me weave my next journey.

I hope this is a beginning of not only sharing the stories of inspiring makers across a variety of mediums, but also sharing my journey exploring my creativity as I figure out what’s next.

Published March 31, 2019

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