Updated Plastic Baskets

Updated Plastic Baskets

Updated Plastic Baskets

I really wanted to find some nice wire baskets to organize some of my craft supplies, but they were so expensive! Since I’ve been into updating items that I’ve found at my local dollar store, I found these blue plastic baskets and thought I might be able to spray paint them to look like expensive wire baskets. Here are my updated plastic baskets!

First of all, always use spray paint in a well ventilated area. Also, I like having something to put the items in when I spray paint so that it doesn’t go everywhere. This is a huge box that a foot stool came in – perfect for containing the overspray!

Blue cheap basket before painting

I started with the bottom of the basket and evenly sprayed with the stainless steel spray paint.  I love all of the options in spray paint now!  Lots of different textures and colors available!

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All painted - my upcycled plastic basket

Turned it upside down and sprayed the other side really well. I got this big box when I purchased a foot stool at Ikea. It is perfect for spray painting!  It’s big, and has high sides, so the over spray doesn’t get all over.

Updated Plastic Baskets all stacked up

I now have three updated plastic baskets that look like expensive wire steel baskets, but cost me $1 each, are lightweight, and won’t scratch my shelves! I love them! A little spray paint makes a lot of things look wonderful!

Updated Plastic Baskets finished and ready to put to use!

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