Upcycled Bookcase

Finished painted bookcase

Upcycled Bookcase

This bookcase was originally made by my Granddad for my mom and her sisters eons ago. Over the years, she’s had quite a few makeovers. This is my favorite look for her — crisp clean white with a navy backing — an upcycled bookcase!

Here is how she looked before her latest makeover. She was lime green with an orange backing that showed through. She needed to be updated to go with my house now.

Bookcase before

The first thing I did was take the back off.  With the back off, it makes it easier to paint the shelving, and makes it much easier to paint the back! Take some sand paper to rough up the paint. You don’t need to sand it down to the wood, just make it so the new paint will adhere nicely.

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Bookcase with back off

Time to start painting the upcycled bookcase!

I started by painting the shelves. It only took two coats to cover the lime green.

Thanks to DecoArt for the Americana Decor Satin Enamels Pure White paint.  It went on so nicely, and has a nice high gloss and is a perfect clean white. (Note: The paint was provided by DecoArt Paints for this project.)

Bookcase painted white

Next I painted the back a nice navy that I have used in other parts of my home. It didn’t take much paint, and I had some leftovers that worked perfectly.

Backing painted dark navy

Wait until everything dries, and reconnect the back to the bookcase! Easy, peasy . . . and I love the new makeover to a family bookcase! Now, to find the perfect place in the house!

I love the way the shelves stagger on this bookshelf. It makes it great for organizing books, but also is perfect for little knick knacks and trinkets. I love my new upcycled bookcase!

Finished painted bookcase

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