Two Skein Hat

Two Skein Hat

Two Skein Hat

In my favorite yarn shop in Vermont, I was intrigued by the beautiful little cap that the owner was knitting as she sat behind the counter — a two skein hat!

There isn’t really a pattern for it that I know of, but it’s essentially alternating knit and purl, but also alternating two different yarns. Variegated yarns are the best, and I’ve discovered that Mochi Plus Crystal Palace Yarn (80% merino wool, 20% nylon) is absolutely the best of those!

Carole and Jean with their knitted hats

So I begin with 110 stitches on a #7 circular needle and do a knit-yarn-#1, purl-yarn-#2 (and repeat) for a while, then switch it up, changing knit to purl and/or switching the yarns. You can even purl or knit a whole row — the sky’s the limit. The variegated yarn does all the beautifying all by itself. When when you think you have it long enough (around 5″ or so, but just measure a hat you like), you begin to decrease, changing soon to double-pointed needles, and here again you can do whatever works for you to form the crown. Pull the yarn through the last few stitches, and voila!

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If it’s too itchy, you can line it — either with micro fleece or simply with a ready-made hat from Fred Meyer or another mass merchandise store. Or not.

Well, I made two hats, just for fun, while in Vermont for Christmas, left one with my daughter who loved it, and one week later at Carole Kubota’s time-share, I hooked everyone within ten minutes of arrival, and off we went to the local yarn store in Leavenworth. Carole invented a tricky crown detail, as you can see in the photo.

The backs of the hats

Guest Post by Jean from Seattle, Washington

And, a little about Jean . . .

How did you learn to sew? and knit?

My mom. As a high school junior, the first thing I knitted was a complicated Scandinavian sweater. She was a great teacher!

What other hobbies do you do?

Hiking, singing, and I’m addicted to jigsaw puzzles!

What is your favorite storage tip for your creative supplies?

I don’t have a favorite. Everything needs to fit into bins in my closet.

How often do you start a new project?

Much too often! The others are rarely completed!

Are you the kind of quilter that plans everything out ahead of time? or do you just dive in and start playing with fabrics?

I plan as I go along, and gets me in a lot of trouble!

When you are in your creative mood, do you listen to music, watch TV or do you prefer a quiet spot? If it is music, what types do you listen to? If watching TV, what kinds of shows?

Mariners’ games. When it’s off season, things are tough!

Anything else?

I get inspired when I get together with other creative people on a regular basis.

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