Turtle Paperweight

Turtle Paperweight

Turtle Paperweight

A few years ago, I volunteered in a children’s ceramic class. Occasionally I would partake in the lesson/project of the day. This is a little pinch pot turtle paperweight. He’s made of terracotta clay with a square stamp used to texture the shell. The head, feet, and tail are coated in a leaf green Amaco under-glaze. The under shell is Amaco chartreuse. The whole turtle is glazed with a green semi-transparent alligator glaze. He is hollow; you can see the air holes in his underside.

I like using a single glaze over an entire project, but to add depth and keep things from being monotone, I like to apply different under-glazes and textures. It gives me more control. Glazes can interact with each others in ways that can end badly. Even if they are just barely touching, lying next to each other. And I like the uniform look that using one translucent glaze can give to something that without would look garish.

Finished turtle paperweight
Front and side view of the turtle
Back and side view of the paperweight
Back and side view
Underside of the turtle
Underside view – see the holes? To show that the turtle is hallow.

Now, what to do with this cute little guy? I think he might just go to work with me, and help hold some papers down on my desk! Love my little turtle paperweight!

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