Ceramic Tulip Spoon Rest

Finished tulip spoon rests

Ceramic Tulip Spoon Rest

The Ceramic Tulip Spoon Rest is a simple hand built, terra cotta kitchen decoration (that is super useful) and very easy to make. A beginning ceramics student can complete this project and have a nice spoon rest to keep or to give as a gift.

I made several to give as gifts (as well as keeping a couple for myself). The color is a combination of low fire glazes and underglazes. I had some starts and stops with the process, so I learned where to adjust and to correct my mistakes. I really like the way the tulip spoon rest turned out, and the recipients love them and use them every day.

Finished tulip spoon rests

Here are two completed tulip spoon rest. They look so bright and springy. They really cheer up a Pacific Northwest kitchen during the dark winter months. I used Amaco Fushia glaze over Amaco Cinnamon underglaze I like how the combination turned out.

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Applying the underglaze

A bit of a problem here. I mixed up an underglaze for a glaze. Oops. So I must pay closer attention!

Original underglaze on the tulip spoon rest

This is the original underglaze design.

Underglaze base complete on the tulip spoon rest

This is the underglaze base. It doesn’t look very exciting at this point. But the heat of the kiln will transform the surfaces to make the pieces into decorative kitchen objects with a glassy shine with easy to clean surfaces.

I might try different glazes and colors to see different finishes for the tulip spoon rest. Maybe some purples, yellows and pinks!

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